Who are the Top 5 Indian bowlers to take most 5 wicket hauls in Test cricket?

Cricket may not be the national sport of India, but for every Indian, cricket is an emotion they can’t deny. India has a very rich cricketing history, as India has given some of the greatest players to the game. The only batsman to score 100 centuries, Sachin Tendulkar belongs to India. 4 out of top 20 bowlers to take most 5 wicket hauls in Test cricket belongs to India. But the question is, who are the top 5 Indian bowlers to take most 5 wicket hauls in Test cricket? Because of players like Sachin Tendulkar, Mahendra Singh Dhoni, Yuvraj Singh and others the craze of cricket in India grew even more. India has won 2 world cups, one under Kapil Dev’s captaincy and one under Mahendra Singh Dhoni.

Since the beginning, the game of India has evolved a lot. Today India has a more complete team, because there are plenty of options in bowlers, batsmen and all rounders. Indian bowling has evolved a lot in particular since the last few years. Between 2000 to 2010, India hardly faced problems in bowling, because they had spinners like Anil Kumble and Harbhajan Singh. After Anil Kumble, R. Ashwin became the most important spinner for India and he is now only one 5 wicket haul away to level the record of most 5 wicket hauls by an Indian bowler. Kapil Dev was the first, star fast bowler of India, because he has achieved such a feat in his career. 

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Top 5 Indian bowlers to take most 5 wicket hauls in Test cricket

  • Anil Kumble– 35 five wicket hauls

Anil Kumble is the most successful Indian bowler, also he is the only Indian bowler to take a 10 wicket haul in a single inning.   

  • Ravichandran Ashwin– 34 five wicket hauls

The no.1 ranked bowler in Test cricket is Ravichandran Ashwin. Also he is the only bowler after Kumble to take most 5 wicket hauls in India

  • Harbhajan Singh– 25 five wicket hauls

One of the most enthusiastic players on and off the field is Harbhajan Singh. Because Harbhajan took 4 consecutive 5 wicket hauls against Australia back in 2001, India won the series. 

  • Kapil Dev– 23 five wicket hauls

The first captain to bring the world cup home was Kapil Dev. Because Kapil Dev and others won the world cup for India in 1983, the game has reached this level.

  • B.S Chandrasekhar– 16 five wicket hauls

In the list of top 5 Indian bowlers to take most 5 wicket hauls, this legendary leg spinner comes at 5th spot.

PlayerMatches5 Wicket HaulsCountry
Anil Kumble13235India
Ravichandran Ashwin9334India
Harbhajan Singh10325India
Kapil Dev13123India
B.S Chandrasekhar5816India

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