Top Wicket Takers in Test Cricket

Test cricket is the longest and most challenging format of the game. It has the highest standard for cricket across format and test players both physically and mentally in a span of five days allotted to play a match. Two teams are at loggerheads in four innings — two each for a team — to find a winner in the allotted time span or else the match is ruled out to be a draw. One of the most suitable ways to win a Test match is to take 20 wickets and the longest format has been graced with some of the finest bowlers of all-time. It includes the likes of spin great Muttiah Muralitharan and Shane Warne along with fast bowling ace James Anderson and the lethal Glenn McGrath. These bowlers not only made a name for themselves through their craft and skills but also are among the most wicket takers of all-time.

Data Last Updated: July 16, 2022
PlayerCountryActive YearsMatInnsBallsRunsWktsBBIBBMAveEconSR45
M Muralidaran Sri Lanka1992-201013323044039181808009/5116/22022.722.47556722
SK WarneAustralia1992-200714527340705179957088/7112/12825.412.6557.43710
JM Anderson England2003-202217131836832172196517/4211/7126.452.856.5313
A KumbleIndia1990-2008132236408501835561910/7414/14929.652.6965.9358
GD McGrath Australia1993-200712424329248121865638/2410/2721.642.4951.9293
SCJ Broad England2007-2022155*28531223152925498/1511/12127.852.9356.8193
CA Walsh West Indies1984-200113224230019126885197/3713/5524.442.5357.8223
R Ashwin India2011-20228616223089106664427/5913/14024.132.7752.2307
DW Steyn South Africa2004-20199317118608100774397/5111/6022.953.2442.3265
N Kapil DevIndia1978-199413122727740128674349/8311/14629.642.7863.9232
HMRKB Herath Sri Lanka1999-20189317025993121574339/12714/18428.072.860349
Sir RJ Hadlee New Zealand1973-1990861502191896114319/5215/12322.292.6350.8369
NM Lyon Australia2011-202210820427983137324278/5013/15432.152.9465.5193
SM PollockSouth Africa1995-20081082022435397334217/8710/14723.112.3957.8161
Harbhajan Singh India1998-201510319028580135374178/8415/21732.462.8468.5255
Wasim AkramPakistan1985-20021041812262797794147/11911/11023.622.5954.6255
CEL Ambrose West Indies1988-2000981792210385014058/4511/8420.992.354.5223
M Ntini South Africa1998-200910119020834112423907/3713/13228.823.2353.4184
IT Botham England1977-199210216821815108783838/3413/10628.42.9956.9274
MD Marshall West Indies1978-1991811511758478763767/2211/8920.942.6846.7224