Most wickets taken by an Ireland bowler in T20I matches

Ireland’s journey in T20 International cricket has been marked by both determination and growth. Despite being a relatively newer entrant in the format, the nation has showcased remarkable progress, and a significant part of their success can be attributed to their bowlers. These skilled athletes have played a pivotal role in Ireland’s T20 success, consistently delivering breakthroughs and posing a threat to the opponents.

From Boyd Rankin’s impressive wicket tally to the spin artistry of George Dockrell and the contributions of Max Sorensen, Kevin O’Brien, and Tim Murtagh, Ireland’s bowlers have demonstrated their mettle and contributed significantly to the team’s achievements on the T20I stage.

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List of players with the most T20I wickets for Ireland

1. Boyd Rankin: 55 wickets

Boyd Rankin holds the record for the most wickets in T20Is for Ireland. He is a fast bowler who has been a consistent performer for the team. Rankin has taken around 55 wickets in T20 International matches for Ireland.

2. George Dockrell: 53 wickets

George Dockrell is a left-arm spinner who has been a key figure in Ireland’s T20 bowling lineup. He has contributed significantly to the team’s success with his spin bowling. Dockrell has taken around 53 wickets in T20 International matches for Ireland.

3. Max Sorensen: 42 wickets

Max Sorensen a right-arm medium-fast bowler, has also been among Ireland’s leading wicket-takers in T20Is. He has provided crucial breakthroughs for the team. Sorensen has taken around 42 wickets in T20 International matches for Ireland.

4. Kevin O’Brien: 36 wickets

Kevin O’Brien is a versatile all-rounder who has been effective with both bat and ball. He has been a handy wicket-taker for Ireland in T20 cricket. O’Brien has taken around 36 wickets in T20 International matches for Ireland.

5. Tim Murtagh: 30 wickets

Tim Murtagh, primarily known for his performances in longer formats, has also made valuable contributions in T20Is for Ireland with his medium-fast bowling. Murtagh has taken around 30 wickets in T20 International matches for Ireland.

Most wickets by an Irish player in T20I matches

PlayerMatchesBowling typeWickets
Boyd Rankin37Right arm pacer55
George Dockrell32Left arm off-spinner53
Max Sorensen 26Right arm medium fast42
Kevin O’Brien42Right arm medium fast36
Tim Murtagh24Right arm pacer30

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