Most wickets by a Nepal player in T20I matches

Nepal’s progression through the history of T20 cricket has been defined by development and advancement, progressively establishing a distinctive presence on the global platform. Benefitting from an enthusiastic populace devoted to cricket and a heritage steeped in the sport, Nepal’s entry into T20 cricket has served as a platform for unveiling its inherent talent and untapped potential. Spanning across budding talents and experienced contenders, Nepal’s T20 cricket domain has been distinguished by spirited displays, illustrating the nation’s ongoing progress in this dynamic and swiftly evolving format.

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List of top 5 players with the most T20I wickets for Nepal

1. Sompal Kami

Sompal Kami stands out with his remarkable contributions. With a tally of over 100 wickets (though the precise number might have evolved since my last update), Sompal’s right-arm medium-fast style has made him a pivotal asset. His proficiency lies in his pace and the art of swing, traits that have earned him the distinction of being Nepal’s leading wicket-taker in T20 Internationals.

2. Sandeep Lamichanne

Another name that resonates in Nepal’s cricketing landscape is Sandeep Lamichanne The count of his wickets, exceeding 50 (though this figure could have altered), is a testament to his prowess as a slow left-arm orthodox bowler. Renowned for his precision and an array of variations, Lamichanne has etched his name as one of Nepal’s most triumphant spin bowlers in the T20 format.

3. Shakti Gauchan

Shakti Gauchan’s legacy is interwoven with Nepal’s cricketing narrative. His wickets, crossing the 40-mark (with potential changes in the exact number), reflect his adeptness as a slow left-arm orthodox bowler. Beyond the numbers, Shakti’s tenure as the former captain of the national team has solidified his reputation. His consistent performances in limited-overs cricket have left an indelible mark on Nepal’s cricketing journey.

4. Karan KC

Karan KC emerges as a name synonymous with clutch moments. With over 30 wickets to his name (though this count might have evolved), his right-arm medium-fast style has proved invaluable. His notable trait is his ability to thrive in pressure situations and secure crucial wickets, making him a standout figure in Nepal’s T20 setup.

5. Paras Khadka

Paras Khadka a former captain of Nepal, has contributed as both an all-rounder and a right-arm medium-fast bowler. His wickets, exceeding 20 (subject to potential updates), attest to his bowling proficiency. Notable for his versatile contributions with both bat and ball, Paras Khadka’s impact extends across various facets of the game, leaving an enduring imprint on Nepal’s cricketing landscape.

Most wickets by a Nepal bowler in T20I matches

PlayerMatchesBatting styleWickets
Paras Khadka58Right-hand pace bowler116
Sandeep Lamichanne45Right-hand leg spinner92
Shakti Gauchan40Left-arm spinner78
Karan KC32Right-hand bowler62
Paras Khadka37Right-hand bowler60

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