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Most runs by West Indies batter in T20I

West Indies have been two-time World Champions in T20I. The Caribbean nation have been the most successful side in the shortest format and have produced some of the most powerful hitters in world cricket. Let us have a look at the most runs scored by West Indies batter in T20I. 

Data Last Updated: August 15, 2022
CH Gayle2006-202179757189911727.92
MN Samuels2007-2018676510161189*29.29
KA Pollard2008-20221018321156975*25.3
LMP Simmons2007-2021686710152791*26.78
E Lewis2016-2021504931423125*30.93
N Pooran2016-202267598139874*27.41
DJ Bravo2006-2021917417125566*22.01
ADS Fletcher2008-20215452795084*21.11
R Powell2017-20225041882610725.03