Most runs by a West Indian player in T20I cricket history

The West Indies cricket team has long been an iconic and formidable force in the world of cricket, renowned for its powerful hitters and cricketing history. The team’s journey in T20 cricket has been marked by moments of brilliance and dominance, leaving an indelible mark on the sport’s history. Over the decades, West Indies cricket has witnessed the rise of extraordinary talents who have enthralled fans worldwide with their powerful batting.In the thrilling world of T20 cricket, West Indian batsmen have established themselves as power-hitters and run-scoring machines.

Among the top performers in this high-octane format are legendary players like Chris Gayle, Kieron Pollard, Marlon Samuels, Dwayne Smith, and Lendl Simmons. These cricketing stars have set records, entertained fans, and left an indelible mark on T20 cricket. Join us as we delve into the explosive careers of these top West Indian batters, celebrating their monumental innings, record-breaking centuries, and relentless entertainment on the cricket field.

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List of players with the most T20I runs for West Indies

1. Chris Gayle

Chris Gayle is undoubtedly one of the most iconic T20 batsmen in the world. He has scored 13,296 runs in 416 matches that he has played. Gayle is known for his explosive batting style and incredible strike rate of 146.86. He holds the record for the highest individual score in a T20 match, an incredible 175 not out. With 22 centuries and 85 half-centuries, Gayle has consistently dominated T20 bowlers and entertained fans worldwide with his power-hitting.

2. Kieron Pollard

Kieron Pollard, the West Indian all-rounder, has been a crucial player in T20 cricket for many years. He has scored 10,428 runs in 524 matches, showcasing his consistency and ability to contribute in various situations. Pollard’s explosive strike rate of 150.87 makes him a dangerous batsman in the death overs. His highest T20 score of 104 not out further illustrates his match-winning capabilities. With one century and 39 half-centuries, Pollard has proven himself as an invaluable asset for any T20 team.

3. Marlon Samuels

Marlon Samuels, a stylish middle-order batsman, has been a vital contributor to the West Indian T20 cricket scene. He has scored 8,291 runs in 303 matches, displaying his ability to anchor the innings and play calculated strokes. Samuels’ strike rate of 118.03 might be on the lower side compared to other aggressive hitters, but his knack for building partnerships and playing crucial knocks has made him a respected figure in T20 cricket. He has 50 half-centuries to his credit.

4. Dwayne Smith

Dwayne Smith is known for his aggressive and powerful hitting at the top of the order. With 8,194 runs in 337 matches, he has been an influential opener for various T20 franchises. Smith’s strike rate of 132.67 reflects his ability to score quickly and put pressure on the opposition. His highest T20 score of 110 not out is a testament to his ability to take control of the game. Smith has two centuries and 42 half-centuries, proving to be a match-winner on multiple occasions.

5. Lendl Simmons

Lendl Simmons, an accomplished top-order batsman, has been a reliable run-scorer for West Indies in T20 cricket. He has scored 7,983 runs in 314 matches, showcasing his consistency and ability to perform under pressure. Simmons’ strike rate of 125.28 reflects his ability to rotate the strike while also playing attacking shots. His highest T20 score of 100 not out demonstrates his ability to convert starts into big innings. Simmons has one century and 49 half-centuries, making him a key player in the West Indian batting lineup.

Most runs by a West Indian player in T20I matches

PlayerMatchesBatting styleRuns
Chris Gayle416Left-hand batter13,296
Kieron Pollard524Right-hand batter10,428
Marlon Samuels303Right-hand batter8,291
Dwayne Smith337Right-hand batter8,194
Lendl Simmons314Right-hand batter7,983

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