Ashes stats: Who are the top five players with the most runs in Ashes history?

The Ashes, considered the most significant Test rivalry in cricket, is a breeding ground for heroes. With a history dating back to ancient times, the clash between England and Australia never fails to capture the attention of the media. When these two teams meet in Test matches, the stakes are really high and so is the quality of cricket on display.

First played in the 1880s, Ashes records are some of the oldest in sport. The players with the most Ashes runs have enjoyed considerable success across multiple series in varying conditions. The Ashes has witnessed the rise of numerous legends and heroic performances with both bat and ball. In this article, we will list out the players who have scored the most runs in Ashes history.

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List of players with most runs in Ashes

1. Don Bradman – 5,028 runs
Don Bradman, widely acknowledged as the greatest batsman in cricket history leads the charts for the most runs scored by a plyer in Ashes history, holds an astonishing record of nearly 90 average runs per innings in Ashes Tests. His remarkable performance in the 1930 Ashes series, where he scored a staggering 974 runs, led to England adopting the controversial Bodyline tactic in their subsequent encounter. Despite England’s efforts, Bradman remained unstoppable throughout his career, displaying unmatched brilliance that left the English team helpless.

2. Jack Hobbs – 3,636 runs
Jack Hobbs, the only England player among the top five Ashes run-scorers, showcased his cricketing prowess in 41 Ashes Tests between 1908 and 1930. Accumulating an impressive total of 3,636 runs against Australia, Hobbs was hailed as the premier player of his era. While his technique allowed him to score runs all around the ground, it was his quiet confidence and adaptability that set him apart.

3. Allan Border – 3,222 runs
Leading the Australian team in a record 28 Ashes Tests, Allan Border fierce determination and average of 55.55 in Ashes matches showcased his remarkable batting skills. Although not the most elegant player to watch, Border’s resolute approach and rare instances of giving away his wicket made him a force to be reckoned with.

4. Steve Waugh – 3,143 runs
Steve Waugh, renowned for leadership qualities, captained Australia to two Ashes series victories and an impressive eight wins out of nine matches as captain. Initially an aggressive batsman, Waugh adjusted his approach later in his career due to a persistent back issue. Despite the limitations, he remained a dominant force against both pace and spin bowlers.

5. Steve Smith – 3,044 runs
Initially regarded as an unconventional selection, Steve Smith quickly established himself as one of the best Test batsmen of his generation. With exceptional hand-eye coordination and an insatiable passion for batting, Smith’s unorthodox technique didn’t hinder his remarkable record. His performances in multiple Ashes series have posed significant challenges for England’s bowlers, solidifying his status as a key player.

Most Test runs by a player in England vs Australia matches

Don Bradman37502819
Jack Hobbs41363612
Allan Border4732228
Steve Waugh4631438
Steve Smith17304412

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