Ashes stats: Who are the top five players with the most centuries in Ashes history?

The Ashes, is renowned as the most significant Test rivalry in cricket, and known for producing cricketing heroes. With its origins tracing back to ancient times, the England vs. Australia clash never fails to captivate the attention of the media. When these two teams face each other in Test matches, the stakes are exceptionally high, and the level of cricket showcased is of remarkable quality.

Having commenced in the 1880s, the Ashes has accumulated a wealth of historical records. The players who have scored the highest number of runs in Ashes matches have achieved remarkable success across multiple series, despite the varying conditions. The Ashes have witnessed the emergence of numerous legendary figures and witnessed heroic performances, both with the bat and the ball. This article will list of those players who have written their names in Ashes history by scoring the most centuries.

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List of players with most centuries in the Ashes

1. Don Bradman – 19 centuries
Don Bradman, one of cricket’s greatest batsmen leads the charts for the most centuries scored by a player in Ashes history, achieved tremendous success against England in Test matches, scoring a remarkable 19 centuries in Ashes series. His highest score was 334, and his consistent performance contributed to Australia’s dominance in the Ashes during his era. Bradman’s exceptional record against England established him as an Ashes legend and solidified his status as one of cricket’s all-time greats.

2. Jack Hobbs – 12 centuries
Jack Hobbs, the only England player among the top five Ashes run-scorers and takes the second spot with 12 centuries. Hobbs scored 3,636 runs against Australia and was hailed as one of the best players of his era.

3. Steve Smith – 11 centuries
Started his career in an unconventional way, as a leg spinner but Steve Smith quickly transformed himself as one of the best Test batsmen of his generation. Smith’s unorthodox technique didn’t hinder his remarkable record. Smith has scored 11 centuries so far and the tally could go higher in years to come.

4. Steve Waugh – 10 centuries
Steve Waugh, takes the 4th spot on the list of most centuries scored by a player in Ashes history. Australia found one of the best leaders in Steve Waugh, he managed to score 10 centuries in Ashes tests.

5. Wally Hammond – 9 centuries

England’s Wally Hammond is listed fifth in the list of most hundreds in the Ashes. He has hit nine centuries in 33 test matches. He has scored 2852 with an average of 51.85.

Most Test centuries scored by a player in England vs Australia matches

Don Bradman37502819
Jack Hobbs41363612
Steve Smith18306011
Steve Waugh46314310
Wally Hammond3828529

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