Ashes stats: Who are the top five players with the most catches in Ashes history?

The Ashes, recognized as cricket’s most significant Test rivalry, is renowned for producing cricketing heroes. Tracing its origins back to ancient times, the clash between England and Australia never fails to captivate the media’s attention. Whenever these two teams face off in Test matches, the stakes are exceptionally high, and the quality of cricket displayed is remarkable.

The players who have achieved the highest number of catches in Ashes matches have experienced remarkable success across multiple series. The Ashes has witnessed the emergence of numerous legendary figures and remarkable performances, both with batting, bowling and in the field. This article will listout the players who have etched their names in Ashes history by taking the most number of catches.

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List of players with the most catches in the Ashes history

1. Ian Botham (England)

With an impressive record of 54 catches, Sir Ian Botham leads the list of most catches in Ashes history. He achieved this feat in 32 matches and 62 innings between 1977 and 1989. He is the only England cricketer in this list.

2. Allan Border (Australia)

Allan Border, the Australian legend, takes the second spot with 51 catches in 42 matches and 79 innings. His Ashes career spanned from 1978 to 1993.

3. Greg Chappell (Australia)

Greg Chappell, another Australian great, secured 48 catches in 30 matches and 58 innings. He displayed his fielding prowess during the Ashes from 1970 to 1983.

4. Mark Taylor (Australia)

Mark Taylor, the former Australian captain, contributed with 46 catches in 33 matches and 65 innings. He showcased his fielding skills in the Ashes between 1989 and 1999.

5. Hugh Trumble (Australia)

Hugh Trumble, a prominent figure from the early years of Ashes, completes the top five with 45 catches in 31 matches and 59 innings. His Ashes career spanned from 1890 to 1904.

Most catches by a player in England vs Australia Test matches

Sir Ian Botham32541977-1989
Allan Border41511978-1993
Greg Chappell18481970-1983
Mark Taylor46461989-1999
Hugh Trumble38451890-1904

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