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Who is Joel Embiid’s wife? Know all about Anne de Paula

Joel Embiid’s NBA journey is a story of persistence, talent, and unwavering determination. In the beginning, he involved himself in volleyball and soccer which were among his potential areas of interest. But it was not until the end of the 15th year that the course of his life embarked on an abrupt turn when Embiid saw basketball for the first time and then he started following Hakeem Olajuwon’s example who is the legendary NBA center.

Luc Mbah Moute, an NBA player saw Embiid’s talent and potential. At the age of 16, Embiid followed Mbah a Moute’s lead, as both of them dared to leave their respective homelands and settle in the United States. The path turned out to be not easy for them, but the decision to move abroad changed both of them and their lives, as it was a new chapter in their destinies.

On reaching the US, he initially faced some challenges at the Montverde Academy but later he excelled at the Rock School in Gainesville, Florida. During his senior year, he lead The Rock School to a spectacular 33–4 record (and eventually a highly sought-after state championship title). However, it was his stellar performances on the court that brought him rave reviews from scouts and coaches attributing him five-star ratings from Rivals.com, the top website in collegiate athletics for both men and women. The month of November 2012 became a memorable one for him when he made a verbal commitment to play for Kansas University.

During his time in the Kansas University squad, Embiid exhibited the power of his potential and pleased fans with his wonder play and gigantic body anywhere he went on the court. He withstood the adversities, including a point that he spent on in the recovery period when he was having a back injury which forced him to leave the team for some moments, and that reality never changed.

NameJoel Embiid
Net Worth$100 million
Age30 years (born March 16, 1994)
BirthplaceYaounde, Cameroon
Salary$47 million (for the 2023/24 NBA season)
Teams played for2014–present – Philadelphia 76ers
MotherChristine Embiid
FatherThomas Embiid
GirlfriendAnne de Paula

Joel Embiid’s Best Play

Embiid’s contribution to the court is awe-inspiring because he does this all the time and notices his superb skills reflected in his showmanship. In the game against Orlando Magic, Embiid showcased his ability to score from several spots on the floor. It touched the lowest post area, mid-range area, and even outside the arc with a step-back 3-pointer. He was able to establish an outstanding TS% thanks to his fierce rebounding and defense and ended the game with a remarkable 50-point tally. In only three-quarters of this game, Embiid got 12 rebounds and three blocks, therefore his team was able to score a 123-110 defeat for their opponents on January 19, 2022.

Alternatively, Embiid recorded a double-double that night against the Cleveland Cavaliers, which meant he could almost do it all. His only mishap in the face of shots at the free-throw line was redeemed with a legendary slam dunk over the defender. Almost matching the eponymous triple-double, Embiid stood with numbers that were one for all. He topped the game with 40 points, 14 rebounds, and 10 assists and led his team to a 103-93 win on this day on February 12, 2022.

It should be noted that in a match played with the Denver Nuggets team, Embiid exhibited his scoring talents as well as his defensive tenacity. On January 28, 2023, the Philadelphians defeated the Orlando Magic with a final score of 126-119 in an impressive game. Embiid was absolutely incredible with 47 points, 18 rebounds, 5 assists, 3 steals, and 2 blocks. With this performance, he proved beyond any doubt that he is one of the best players

Who is Joel Embiid’s wife? Know all about Anne de Paula

Joel Embiid’s wife Anne de Paula is a Sports Illustrated swimsuit model. According to People.com, Embiid and Anne met in 2018 during a mutual friend dinner party in New York. They got married in 2023 and have a son named Arthur Elijah de Paula Embiid. Anne is from Brazil and loves practicing Muay Thai. She is trilingual, she can speak French, English, and Portuguese. She loves traveling and has two tattoos as well.

Does Joel Embiid have children?

Joel Embiid and Anne de Paula have one kid named Arthur Elijah de Paula Embiid. Joel named his son after his brother’s name who passed away in a car accident.

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