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What is Russell Westbrook’s net worth, franchise fee, salary, and brand endorsements (2024)?

Russell Westbrook is a professional basketball player born on November 12, 1988, in Long Beach, California and he has made a huge impact on the NBA. Westbrook is known for his Incredible athletic skill and a never give up attitude with his ability to get triple-doubles. A triple-double is getting double-digit numbers in three different stats Categories in one game like points rebounds and assists.,Even though he’s only 6 feet 3 inches tall which is not very tall for a basketball player Westbrook has shown that he can dominate the game and play at a very high level. Westbrook’s playing style is very exciting to watch because he always moves quickly all over the court and drive hard to the basket with powerful dunks over taller players. He also has great passing skills and can find his teammates for open shots.

Westbrook’s basketball journey started early on when he faced tough times and losses. After losing his close friend who was Khelcey Barrs III due to a heart issue, Westbrook turned his sadness into a strong drive to succeed in basketball. He performed well in high school and this earned him a scholarship to play for UCLA’s college team. At UCLA Westbrook played outstandingly. NBA scouts noticed this. He was the fourth overall pick in the 2008 NBA Draft. The team that picked him was the then-Seattle SuperSonics, who later became the Oklahoma City Thunder.

Westbrook’s NBA journey is full of remarkable feat which includes a nine-time all-star pick and he once won MVP award. Frequently, he leads the league in scoring with Westbrook excelling at triple-doubles – reaching double digits in three stat categories per game. This rare ability cements his place in hoops history. His endless hustle and fiery competitiveness thrill fans. He impacts the game profoundly every time. Away from basketball, Westbrook stands out for his bold style sense. He pursues philanthropic passions too.

Name⁤Russell Westbrook
Net Worth$ 200 Million
AgeNovember 12, 1988
BirthplaceLong Beach, California
Salary$3.8 million (2023-24)
Teams played forOklahoma City Thunder,Houston Rockets, Washington Wizards, Los Angeles Lakers, Los Angeles Clippers
MotherShannon Horton
FatherRussell Westbrook Jr.

Playing Style

Russell Westbrook brings energy to the basketball court showcasing speed in his movements. He drives forcefully towards the basket displaying jumping abilities that result in dunks and clever shots. Known for his rebounding skills Westbrook efficiently grabs boards using his athleticism and initiates breaks. He also demonstrates prowess, in playmaking exhibiting a court vision as he sets up scoring opportunities for his teammates. In moments his aggressive playing style shines through leading to plays that turn the tide of the game. Despite turnovers due, to his paced approach Westbrook’s relentless attacking mindset and versatile skills pose a significant challenge for opponents to counteract.

Russell Westbrook’s Net Worth 2024

In February 2024 Russell Westbrook is believed to have a worth of, around $210 million. For the NBA season of 2023/24 Westbrooks earnings come in at $3,835,738. Back on July 6 2023 he inked a two year deal with the LA Clippers valued at $7.86 million. Before his contract Westbrook had secured a five year agreement worth $206,794,070 back in the 2018 offseason which stood as the biggest contract in the NBA during that period. In the seasons of 2020 21 and 2021 22 he made $41,358,814 and $44,211,146 respectively. Opting for his player option for the season of 2022 2023 brought him $47,063,478 before moving on as an agent and eventually joining forces with the LA Clippers. Westbrooks substantial net worth reflects his basketball journey filled with contracts and numerous endorsement deals as he has solidified himself as one of the world’s paid athletes by capitalizing on his talents and achievements both on and off the basketball court.

Russell Westbrook­’s endorsements

  • Nike
  • PepsiCo
  • Samsung Electronics
  • True Religion Apparel
  • Henessy

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