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Stephen Curry Stephen Curry Contract Stephen Curry Salary

Stephen Curry contract 2024: Know everything about his contract length and salary

Steph Curry, the player with the most hypnotic ball-handling talent of his era is an absolute fan favorite throughout the globe. To a set of components that can take you away from your opponent, through dribbles, crossovers, hesitations, and behind-the-back moves, he constantly and effectively does this, until the defender is left ordained by the speed and accuracy. Curry’s skill in squeezing around obstructing defenders forms the backdrop towards which his scoring and passing capabilities build up.

While that is an outstanding performance, what stands out about Curry is his aptness at reading the game and picking up cues about the flow of it. His genius in discovering spaces on the field or taking advantage of the weakness of the opponents predicts a lot of his success in the future. It can be hard to keep up with his speed, but Curry still seems to be ever in the right spot whenever his teammates emerge as an open three-pointer or cut back at defenders. This off-target stability is not just a formula for his success but also for the whole team to demonstrate their actions.

NameStephen Curry
Net Worth$160 million
Age36 years (born March 14, 1988)
BirthplaceAkron, Ohio, U.S.
SalaryOver $51 million annually
Teams played for2009 – present (Golden State Warriors)
MotherSonya Curry
FatherDell Curry
WifeAyesha Curry

Early Life

The legendary Stephen Curry was born in the town of Ohio, Akron. He is now considered one of the greatest players in NBA history. His father, Dell Curry, used to take him and his younger brother, Seth to watch his basketball games as he used to play for the Charlotte Hornets. As a young boy, he used to accompany his father to the training sessions and that is when he learned how to make the most out of the opportunity and out of the situation. 

Once Dell retired, the family moved back to Charlotte, and Curry got accepted to the Charlotte Christian School. Curry wanted to play college basketball for the Hokies but couldn’t because of his size and frame. Ultimately, he chose to attend Davidson College.

Playing Style

Although Curry’s dribbling ankles do the magic, he also deserves credit for silent contributions off-but within the floor, which are oftentimes underestimated. Hours and months of training, playing basketball, learning about timing, and positioning made it possible for Curry to build invaluable basketball IQ. He is always on his toes either by cutting to the basket, curling off screens, or flaring out itself to the perimeter. Positioning is a principle that is always on his mind and he focuses on it. Against strong and fast defensive players, once he realizes the defenders are going to fall back on him, he will adjust his position on the court constantly, creating a headache for the defending team, as their defenders will be left with very little energy expending.

What is Stephen Curry’s contract details?

In 2013, Stephen Curry agreed to sign a four-year deal to extend his contract with the Golden State Warriors worth over $44 million. When Stephen Curry helped the Golden State Warriors to back-to-back NBA titles he earned himself a mega-contract worth over $200 million in 2017. He again extended his contract with the Warriors in 2022 worth over $215 million.

Stephen Curry’s contract duration

  • Golden State Warriors (2009-present)

How much did Stephen Curry got paid?

  • Golden State Warriors (2009-present) – Over $256 million

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