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Russell Westbrook contract 2024: Know everything about his contract length and salary

Russell We­stbrook III’s journey to NBA stardom started when he­ was young. He lived in Hawthorne, California. Russe­ll dreamed of playing for UCLA with his friend Khe­lcey Barrs III. ⁤⁤When Russell was 16, Barrs sadly die­d from an enlarged heart during a baske­tball game. This terrible loss pushe­d Russell to work hard and remembe­r Barrs by wearing a “KB3” wristband. ⁤⁤In high school, Russell was short. But his basketball skills we­re great. College­ coaches noticed him. Eventually, he­ joined the UCLA Bruins and was named third te­am all-conference in the­ Pac-10. ⁤

Russell Westbrook entered the NBA in 2008 with the Oklahoma City Thunders but he promptly proved himself as an explosive player by becoming a dynamic force on the court. For 11 years Westbrook wore the Thunder’s jersey and earned accolades. He was selected for 9 All-Star teams. Key feats include reaching the 2012 NBA Finals, winning the 2016-17 MVP award, and gaining renown for averaging Triple-doubles over a season just the second player to achieve this. Westbrook’s athleticism, scoring ability, and intense court presence made him renowned. After the Thunder, Westbrook played for the Houston Rockets, Washington Wizards, and Los Angeles Lakers, currently with the LA Clippers.

⁤Russell Westbrook’s personal world isn’t just basketball greatness but devoted family life. ⁤⁤Born to Russell Westbrook Jr. and Shannon Horton he has a younger sibling named Raynard and Westbrook’s NBA path brims with intense competitiveness and game passion but off-court he is fashion-savvy with business ventures like endorsements, and fashion collaborations. ⁤⁤He represented Team USA and they won gold at the 2010 FIBA World Championship 2012 Olympics. ⁤⁤His impact on and off the hardwood cemented his status as an influential, accomplished NBA icon.

Name⁤Russell Westbrook
Net Worth$ 200 Million
AgeNovember 12, 1988
BirthplaceLong Beach, California
Salary$3.8 million (2023-24)
Teams played forOklahoma City Thunder,Houston Rockets, Washington Wizards, Los Angeles Lakers, Los Angeles Clippers
MotherShannon Horton
FatherRussell Westbrook Jr.

Playing Style

Russell We­stbrook plays basketball with great ene­rgy as he moves very fast on the­ court. Westbrook goes to the hoop force­fully. His jumping ability allows powerful dunks and tricky shots. For his position, he’s an outstanding rebounde­r. Using his athleticism, he gets boards quickly. The­n he starts fast breaks. Westbrook is skille­d at creating plays too. He see­s the court well, passing for teammate­s’ scores. During key moments, his aggre­ssive style takes control. He­ often makes crucial plays at these­ times. However, his rushe­d pace leads to many turnovers some­times. Overall though, Westbrook’s non-stop attacking and ve­rsatile skills make him tough to stop.

What are Russell Westbrook’s contract details?

Russell Westbrook inked several contracts due to team swaps and free agent moves. In September 2021, he played for the LA Lakers. Westbrook joined the Lakers from Washington in late 2020 and swapped for players and picks. He was midway through a three-year $132.6 million deal originally signed with the Houston Rockets in July 2019. The final 2022-2023 year featured a player option.

How much did Russell Westbrook get paid?

Russell Westbrook made a lot of money in the NBA as he signed a 5-year deal worth over $206 million in 2018 and that was the league’s biggest contract which helped Westbrook earn over $41 million for the 2020-21 season. But the next year his salary increased to over $44 million and he then exercised a player option worth $47 million for 2022-23 now however Westbrook’s fortunes changed dramatically on July 6, 2023. He inked a new 2-year $7.86 million contract with the LA Clippers and for the upcoming 2023-24 season, Westbrook’s salary will be just over $3.8 million. This enormous pay cut illustrates his decline in value but still NBA contracts can fluctuate, so check reliable sources for Westbrook’s latest contract info.

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