NBA – Top 10 Small Forwards

A small forward is known to be one of the most versatile players on the basketball court. They are leaner and faster than most centers but are taller and larger than the average guard. These players are responsible for both scoring and defending and are mostly prolific scorers. LeBron James is the best small forward to ever play the game of basketball given his domination in the league for the past 19-plus years. Kevin Durant also comes into the equation given his great gameplay in the league right now.

Data Last Updated: August 3, 2022
PlayerGames PlayedMinutes PlayedPointsAssistsRebounds
LeBron James1089417353015781918289
Dominique Wilkins1074381132666826777169
Alex English1051358632451341975975
Kevin Durant859317412390238406298
Adrian Dantley955341512317728305455
Elgin Baylor8463386323149365011463
Carmelo Anthony911319572117727175691
John Havlicek1025370072096447396256
Larry Bird792305041971949588031
Bernard King874294171965528635060