NBA – Players with most three pointers

If there is one thing that gets fans off their seats inside the arena, it’s a 3-pointer. A lot of the new age fans have been treated to some insane ball shooting skills from the likes of Stephen Curry, James Harden, Klay Thompson etc. In fact, nowadays, a player’s worth is defined by how well he can shoot the ball from the 3-point line. This was not always the case as games from years gone by did not focus too much on the 3-pointer. But now the game has evolved and so have the players. Steph Curry just keeps setting the standard as he is now the player with the most 3-pointers. He overtook Ray Allen last season on what was a very special night. The only contender to Curry’s throne right now is James Harden and even he is some way off.

Data Last Updated: July 16, 2022
PlayerPositionGames played3 Pointers
Stephen CurryPG8263117
Ray AllenSG13002973
James HardenSG/PG9422593
Reggie MillerSG13892560
Kyle KorverSG/SF12322450
Vince CarterSG/SF15412290
Jason TerrySG/PG14102282
Jamal CrawfordSG/PG13272221
Paul PierceSF13432143
Damian LillardPG 7112143
LeBron JamesSF13662140
Jason KiddPG13911988
Dirk NowitzkiPF15221982
Joe JohnsonSG/SF 12771978
Kyle LowryPG10231971
JJ RedickSG9401950
J. R. SmithSG9771930
Klay ThmpsonSG6471912
Paul GeorgeSF7371852
Chauncey BillupsPG/SG10431830
Kobe BryantSG13461827
Rashard LewisSF/PF10491787
Wesley MatthewsSG8981782
Kevin DurantSF/SG9391770
Peja StojakovićSF8041760