NBA – Players with most steals

A steal is a play when a player vies with another player for possession of the ball. A lot of feisty players have made their name for being good stealers of the ball. John Stockton leads the list for most steals with 3265 with Jason Kidd coming in second place with 2684 steals. Michael Jordan rounds up the top 3 list with 2514 steals.

Data Last Updated: July 20, 2022
PlayerPositionGames PlayedMinutes PlayedSteals
John StocktonPG1504477663265
Jason KiddPG1391501162684
Michael JordanSG1072410102514
Chris PaulPG1155398972453
Gary PaytonPG1335471172445
Maurice CheeksPG1101348452310
Scottie PippenSF1178410682307
Clyde DrexlerSG1086375382207
Hakeem OlajuwonC1238442182162
LeBron JamesSF1366521382136
Alvin RobertsonSG779246692112
Karl MalonePF1476548522085
Mookie BlaylockPG889310272075
Allen IversonSG/PG914375821983
Derek HarperPG1199377761957
Kobe BryantSG1346486431944
Isiah ThomasPG979355161861
Kevin GarnettPF/C1462504121859
Andre IguodalaSF/SG1223393961761
Shawn MarionSF/PF1163400971759
Paul PierceSF/SG1343458791752
Magic JohnsonPG/SG906332451724
Metta World PeaceSF991314391721
Ron HarperSG/PG1009311961716
Russell WestbrookPG1021354251699