NBA – Players with most rebounds

A rebound is a play where a player jumps to get the ball before anyone else to either start an attack or to keep the ball. It requires players with a lot of athletic ability to be good at rebounding. Either that or they should be very tall. Wilt Chamberlain leads the list for most rebounds with 23924. Bill Russell comes in second place with 21620 and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar is in third with 17440 rebounds.

Data Last Updated: July 19, 2022
PlayerPositionGames PlayedMinutes PlayedRebounds
Wilt ChamberlainC10454785923924
Bill RussellC9634072621620
Kareem Abdul-JabbarC15605744617440
Elvin HayesPF/C13035000016279
Moses MaloneC13294507116212
Tim DuncanPF/C13924736715091
Karl MalonePF14765485214968
Robert ParishC16114570414715
Kevin GarnettPF/C14625041214662
Dwight HowardC12423945814627
Nate ThurmondC9643588114464
Walt BellamyC10433894014241
Wes UnseldC9843583213769
Hakeem OlajuwonC12384421813748
Shaquille O'NealC12074191713099
Buck WilliamsPF13074247013017
Jerry LucasPF8293213112942
Bob PettitPF7923069012849
Charles BarkleyPF10733933112546
Dikembe MutomboC11963679512359