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NBA – Players with most blocks

One of the clearest shows of dominance in the game of basketball is when a player blocks a shot. We have all seen clips where LeBron James runs down the length of the field to block someone who looks all but certain to score. There are a lot of players from years gone by that have the most number of blocks. Hakeem Olajuwon leads the list with 3830 blocks with Dikembe Mutombo in second place with 3289 blocks. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar comes in third place with 3189 blocks.

Data Last Updated: July 20, 2022
PlayerPositionGames PlayedMinutes PlayedBlocks
Hakeem OlajuwonC1238442183830
Dikembe MutomboC1196367953289
Kareem Abdul-JabbarC1560574463189
Mark EatonC875251693064
Tim DuncanPF/C1392473673020
David RobinsonC987342732954
Patrick EwingC1183405942894
Shaquille O'NealC1207419172732
Tree RollinsC1156240282542
Robert ParishC1611457042361
Alonzo MourningC838259772356
Marcus CambyC973286802331
Dwight HowardC1242394582228
Ben WallaceC/PF1088320842137
Shawn BradleyC832195312119
Manute BolC624116982086
George T. JohnsonC904181022082
Kevin GarnettPF/C1462504122037
Larry NancePF920306972027
Theo RatliffC810205001968
Pau GasolC/PF1226410011941
Elton BrandPF/C1058349061828
Jermaine O'NealC/PF1011273681820
Elvin HayesPF/C1303500001771
Serge IbakaPF903249411752