NBA – Players with most assists

If there is one thing in basketball that is more beautiful after a long-range jumper, it is the assist. Sometimes, the assist is more beautiful than the shot itself and there are quite a few household names that have the most assists in NBA history. This list is mostly dominated by point guards as they are the ones that initiate the play. John Stockton leads the way with 15806 assists while Jason Kidd has 12091. Chris Paul is the only active player in the top 5 with 10977 assists.

Data Last Updated: July 19, 2022
PlayerPositionGames PlayedMinutes PlayedAssists
John StocktonPG15044776615806
Jason KiddPG13915011612091
Chris PaulPG11553989710977
Steve NashPG12173807310335
Mark JacksonPG12963911710334
Magic JohnsonPG9063324510141
LeBron JamesSF13665213810045
Oscar RobertsonPG1040438869887
Isiah ThomasPG979355169061
Gary PaytonPG1335471178966
Russell WestbrookPG1021354258611
Andre MillerPG1304402688524
Rod StricklandPG1094336357987
Rajon RondoPG957285707584
Maurice CheeksPG1101348457392
Lenny WilkensPG1077380647211
Terry PorterPG1274353557160
Tim HardawayPG867306287095
Tony ParkerPG1254382797036
Bob CousyPG924301656955
Guy RodgersPG892286636917
Deron WilliamsPG845288656819
Muggsy BoguesPG889254266726
Kevin JohnsonPG735250596711
Derek HarperPG1199377766577