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Records shattered in historic high scoring NBA All Star Game

A high score NBA All Star Game broke many records. The Eastern Conference team saw a win beating the Western Conference with 211-186. This is a first in the game’s long 73 year history. Exciting moments filled the game ending with Damian Lillard from the Milwaukee Bucks named as the best player. Lillard scored an amazing 39 points which showed his impressive shooting skills.

Record Breaking point total

Both teams in the game scored points aplenty breaking old records. They scored a combined 397 points which crushed the old top score of 374 from 2017. This showed how good the best players are at scoring. Especially the Eastern Conference who scored a lot from three point range. They made an amazing 42 three point shots all through the match. This great achievement beat the old record of 35 three pointers by Team LeBron in 2019.

Explosive first half

It all kicked off quickly with both sides racking up an astounding 193 points. This shattered last year’s 191 points record. Major contributors were the Eastern Conference; they compiled a sturdy 104 points before the break. This tied with the highest ever scores before half time in any NBA All Star Game. On the East side, Boston Celtics’ Jaylen Brown stood out by dropping 36 points. Additionally Tyrese Haliburton from the Indiana Pacers who were hosting pushed in 32 points. This gave the team a powerhouse performance in the first half.

Remember the 73rd NBA All Star Game? It had great offensive moves and broke tons of records. The East won, thanks to Damian Lillard’s top notch play and the team’s awesome three pointers. This game showcased the huge talent in the NBA. Many records were broken showing the league’s dedication to exciting basketball. This left fans really happy with the outstanding plays they watched.

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