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Kevin Durant humble about tribute from Brooklyn Nets says, ‘I Don’t Deserve It’

Brooklyn Nets fans might be eager to welcome back Kevin Durant, but the former Nets star is expressing humility and downplaying the idea of receiving a tribute video upon his return to Brooklyn as a member of the Phoenix Suns.

In a recent interview, Durant candidly addressed the notion of a tribute video, questioning whether he truly deserves such an honor. Durant stated, “What did I do to deserve that? Seriously, or is it because of my name? I’m just another player, man. I don’t deserve none of this extra attention, everybody looking at me when the game starts. The game is about all the players on the court. It ain’t about me.”

Durant, who played for the Nets from 2019 to 2022, acknowledged the lack of tangible success during his tenure, emphasizing, “I was there for three years, four years, and we didn’t accomplish anything worth being celebrated for. That’s just how I feel… I didn’t feel like I stayed there long enough. I didn’t put in enough work. I didn’t leave a lasting impact.”

Kevin Durant says he wasn’t good for the Brooklyn Nets

The former MVP clarified that he wasn’t expecting praise or honors, expressing his viewpoint on the matter after someone else brought up the idea of a tribute video. Durant’s stance is notably unconventional, as most players appreciate and embrace tribute videos when returning to their former teams.

Durant’s time with the Nets was marked by significant injuries and postseason challenges. Despite being a three-time All-Star and making an All-NBA team during his tenure, the lack of playoff success and notable achievements led Durant to believe he doesn’t merit the special recognition usually associated with tribute videos.

The humility and self-awareness demonstrated by Durant underscore his focus on team accomplishments and the desire for a lasting impact on a franchise. As he prepares to face his former team in Brooklyn, Durant’s decision to decline a tribute video reflects a unique perspective on the significance of individual accolades in the broader context of team success.

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