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Draymond Green playfully jabs Atlanta Hawks after Luka Doncic’s 73-point game

Draymond Green is renowned for his candid remarks. He didn’t hold back in taking a cheeky dig at the Atlanta Hawks following Luka Doncic’ historic 73-point performance. After witnessing Doncic’s extraordinary night, Green posted on social media:

“Luka Unreal! They traded Luka right?”

This seemingly innocent comment carries a subtle but unmistakable jab at the Atlanta Hawks, who indeed traded Luka Doncic during the 2018 NBA Draft. The Hawks sent the No. 3 overall pick (Doncic) to the Dallas Mavericks in exchange for the No. 5 pick (Trae Young) and a future first-round pick. Draymond Green’s rhetorical question not only praises Luka’s brilliance but also playfully mocks the Hawks for parting ways with a player who just delivered a historic performance.

Green’s banter didn’t end there; he continued by encouraging Doncic to push for an even more astounding achievement, suggesting the young star aim for 77 points in the game. This playful remark adds a layer of humor to the social media exchange and amplifies the good-natured ribbing between players in the league.

The Hawks, who were not only defeated on the court but also faced some social media heat, might find solace in the fact that Trae Young, acquired in the trade for Doncic, has been a standout performer. However, the shadow of passing on a player capable of a 73-point outburst continues to loom over the decision, and Green’s cheeky comment only serves to magnify that narrative.

While the Hawks attempted various strategies to contain Doncic during the game, his brilliance prevailed, leaving Green’s tweet as a lingering reminder of what might have been for Atlanta.

Reflecting on the Luka Doncic-Trae Young Trade: Mavericks Emerge Victorious

The 2018 NBA Draft will be forever remembered for the draft-night swap between the Dallas Mavericks and the Atlanta Hawks involving Luka Doncic and Trae Young. Fast forward to 2023, and it’s evident that the Mavericks emerged as the clear winners of this franchise-altering trade.

In a matter of minutes after the initial selections, the Mavericks acquired Luka Doncic, a generational talent who has swiftly become the face of their franchise. In just six years, Doncic has amassed an impressive resume with five All-Star selections and four First-Team All-NBA honors. His career averages of 28.3 points, 8.6 rebounds, and 8.1 assists showcase his incredible versatility.

While postseason success has been somewhat elusive, with only one conference finals appearance, Doncic’s impact on the game is undeniable. At just 24 years old, he stands on the cusp of claiming the title of the league’s best player.

On the other side of the trade, Trae Young has proven himself as one of the elite point guards in the NBA. With averages of 25.6 points, 3.6 rebounds, and 9.5 assists, Young has displayed exceptional playmaking skills. He boasts two All-Star selections and one Third Team All-NBA nod, making him a formidable force on the court. Notably, Young has showcased his savagery in the playoffs, demonstrating a knack for elevating his game when it matters most.

However, when measuring the impact of the trade, it’s evident that Doncic’s contributions and potential outweigh Young’s accomplishments. The additional piece in the trade, Cam Reddish, hasn’t fully lived up to expectations and has since moved on to the Lakers as a role player.

The Mavericks’ acquisition of Luka Doncic has solidified their position as the triumphant party in one of the most significant draft-night deals in recent NBA history. As Doncic continues to ascend, the trade narrative further emphasizes the Mavericks’ foresight in securing a player destined for greatness.

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