Draymond Green describes why Kevin Durant isn’t discussed in the GOAT conversation

Phoenix Suns star Kevin Durant recently stirred the pot by questioning why he isn’t more prominently considered in the “Greatest of All Time” (GOAT) debates during an interview with the Arizona Republic. Unsurprisingly, the internet responded with a flurry of opinions, and even Durant’s former teammate, Draymond Green, joined the conversation.

Durant, a prolific scorer and multi-time NBA champion, expressed his frustration at not being discussed more fervently in the GOAT discourse. However, his bold statements prompted a widespread online discussion dissecting the factors influencing his standing in such debates. Adding an unexpected twist to the conversation, Green, a key figure in the Golden State Warriors’ recruitment of Durant, offered his take on The Draymond Green Show.

Draymond Green believes Kevin Durant has more to do

While Green emphasized that Durant’s championships are undoubtedly valid, he suggested that Durant needs to lead a less established team to an NBA title to truly be in the GOAT conversation. Green cited Stephen Curry’s journey, highlighting that Curry’s recognition reached its peak when he led the Warriors to a championship in 2022 and secured the Finals MVP. Green’s stance is intriguing, suggesting that Durant’s championships with the star-studded Warriors may not earn him the same level of acclaim as leading a team with less star power.

The narrative gets even more complex as Green navigates the dichotomy of Curry not initially receiving enough credit until he won a Finals MVP, contrasting with Durant winning the Finals MVP over Curry being held against both players. It’s a nuanced perspective from Green, showcasing support for his longtime teammate while raising questions about the criteria for GOAT discussions.

As Durant’s comments continue to fuel discussions about his place in basketball history, the opinions of former teammates like Draymond Green add layers to the ongoing debate. In the ever-evolving landscape of NBA discussions, the intricacies of team dynamics, individual performances, and championships play pivotal roles in shaping perceptions of greatness.

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