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76ers’ Joel Embiid suffers an injury to lateral meniscus

Philadelphia 76ers’ star and reigning MVP Joel Embiid encountered a setback as the team announced on Thursday night that he suffered an injury to the lateral meniscus in his left knee. The revelation came after an MRI following Tuesday’s game against the Golden State Warriors. The injury occurred in the fourth quarter when Jonathan Kuminga fell on Embiid’s left leg, prompting his exit from the game.

Embiid is expected to be sidelined at least through the weekend, missing crucial matchups against the Utah Jazz and the Brooklyn Nets. This setback raises concerns about his eligibility for a second consecutive MVP award, as he will have missed 13 games this season. Despite playing at an exceptional level, averaging a career-high 35.3 points per game, Embiid faces another challenge in his illustrious career.

Joel Embiid battling his injuries

This unfortunate development adds to Embiid’s history of battling through injuries, including previous meniscus issues. Notably, he underwent season-ending surgery for a torn meniscus in his left knee during his rookie year in the 2017-18 season. Additionally, Embiid faced a small lateral meniscus tear in his right knee during the 2021 playoffs and played through a sprained right knee in last year’s playoffs. Even Shaq feels sorry for Joel Embiid as he is on the list of players to become this year’s MVP.

As the Sixers finalize a treatment plan for Embiid’s current injury, his absence will undoubtedly impact the team’s performance. The upcoming games against formidable opponents will test the Sixers’ depth and resilience in the absence of their star player. Updates on Embiid’s recovery and potential return are eagerly awaited as the Sixers navigate through this challenging period.

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