Mike Dunleavy Jr. stats: What are his numbers throughout his career?

Mike Dunleavy stats: He had played 15 seasons with six different clubs, including the Pacers and Bulls. In 986 regular-season games, he averaged 11.2 points, 4.3 rebounds, and 2.2 assists. Mike Dunleavy Jr. had a successful career as a professional basketball player in the NBA, playing as a small forward and shooting guard for multiple teams. Known for his scoring ability, three-point shooting, and all-around contributions, Dunleavy Jr. left his mark on the court with consistent performances. Let’s delve into his career statistics, highlighting various aspects of his game.

Points per Game

Dunleavy Jr. showcased his scoring prowess throughout his career. While his points per game (PPG) varied from season to season, he maintained a respectable scoring average. During his prime years, he often hovered around the double-digit mark, proving to be a reliable offensive threat for his teams.

Rebounds per Game

In addition to scoring, Dunleavy Jr. displayed solid rebounding skills. Despite not possessing exceptional size for his position, he had a knack for positioning himself well and using his basketball IQ to grab rebounds. He contributed on both ends of the court, providing his team with valuable possessions.

Assists per Game

While not primarily known for his playmaking abilities, Dunleavy Jr. still managed to contribute with assists. Although he was not a primary facilitator, he showcased solid passing skills and was capable of finding open teammates. His court awareness allowed him to make timely passes and create opportunities for his team.

Field Goal Percentage

Dunleavy Jr.’s field goal percentage is an indicator of his efficiency as a shooter. Throughout his career, he demonstrated the ability to convert field goals at a solid rate. His smooth shooting stroke and shot selection contributed to his effectiveness as a scorer.

Three-Point Percentage

One of Dunleavy Jr.’s notable strengths was his three-point shooting. He had a natural shooting touch and was capable of stretching the floor with his outside shooting. His three-point percentage reflected his accuracy from beyond the arc, highlighting his ability to knock down shots from long range and make a significant impact on offense.

Free Throw Percentage

Free throw shooting is a crucial aspect of a player’s offensive game. Dunleavy Jr.’s free throw percentage showcased his efficiency at the charity stripe, indicating how reliable he was when given free throw opportunities. It demonstrated his ability to convert free throws consistently and contribute to his team’s scoring.

Steals per Game

Dunleavy Jr. had an active presence on defense and displayed solid steal numbers. His quick hands and anticipation allowed him to disrupt passing lanes and create turnovers. His steals per game stat showcased his defensive contributions and his ability to generate extra possessions for his team.

Blocks per Game

Although not known as a shot-blocking specialist, Dunleavy Jr. recorded blocks throughout his career. His blocks per game stat highlighted his defensive contributions in terms of protecting the rim and deterring opponents’ shots. It demonstrated his versatility as a player who could make an impact on both ends of the court.

Mike Dunleavy Jr. stats

In 986 regular-season games, he averaged 11.2 points, 4.3 rebounds, and 2.2 assists.


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