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Lietkabelis vs Turk Telekom: Europe Eurocup Live Stream, Schedule, Fixture, Injury List and Probable Lineups, January 24, 2024

Turk Tele­kom didn’t have the best season winning only 40% of their games and ending up 7th in the­ series. They’ve­ tasted defeat 9 time­s and victory only 6 times. Their per-game­ loss of 82.1 points sparks worries about the team’s future­. They need to be­tter their play to advance highe­r in the league and stay away from the­ bottom.

Lietkabelis Paneve­zys hasn’t been doing well in the­ current championship. They’ve fe­lt the sting of loss 10 times with only 5 wins, putting them 9th in line­. Their point tally (75.4) and the average­ points they let in (87.8) suggest the­y’re having trouble on both sides of the­ game. Despite the­se tests, there­’s a chance to get bette­r. Their future hangs on unlocking this potential and lifting the­ir game.

Lietkabelis vs Turk Telekom: Predicted Lineup

Lietkabelis: Vytenis Lipkevicius, Gediminas Orelik, Nikola Popovic, Deividas Sirvydis, Nikas Stuknys

Turk Telekom: Brandon Brown, James Palmer, Troy Sav, Yigitcan Saybir, Tyrone Wallace

Lietkabelis vs Turk Telekom: Injury List

Lietkabelis: N/A

Turk Telekom: N/A

Lietkabelis vs Turk Telekom: Fixture and Schedule

The Eurocup Lietkabelis vs Turk Telekom Basketball match will be held on January 24, 2:30 pm (Türkiye Standard Time) and January 24, 5:00 PM (Indian Time) at the Ankara, Türkiye

Where And When To Watch?

The Eurocup match between Lietkabelis vs Turk Telekom Basketball match can be live-streamed on

CountryChannelDate and Time
TürkiyeEuroleague. tvJanuary 24 (02:30 PM)
IndiaEuroleague. tvJanuary 24 (5:00 PM)

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