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Joel Embiid’s Contract 2024: Know everything about his contract length and salary

Joel Embiid has had an exceptional journey in basketball which can be characterized by his achievements driven by his consistency and great success which has made him one of the NBA superstars today. His fame was unprecedented when he was awarded the NBA 2023 Most Valuable Player which showcased his extraordinary talent and his essential contributions to the team’s journey in the 2022-23 season. His journey has become even more obvious with his seven appearances in the NBA All-Star games from 2018 to 2024, which shows an acknowledgment of his long-lasting superiority and widespread acceptance by fans, players, and coaches.

The impression of Embiid on the court goes far beyond just the awards, as shredded by his great scoring effect. It was no surprise when the 2022 scoring champion towered above the rest, his back-to-back championships being a continuous proof of his incredible talent and authoritative influence on the game and the scoreboard. His scoring exploits, however, do not stop short of his ability in defending, making him a versatile player.

As early as Embiid’s eye-opening rookie season, he was already showcasing his basketball skills, and he played so well that he was selected for the NBA All-Rookie First Team for that year. This early identification of his future greatness made the later acknowledgments and success stories, become the signs of his bright future ahead.

NameJoel Embiid
Net Worth$100 million
Age30 years (born March 16, 1994)
BirthplaceYaounde, Cameroon
Salary$47 million (for the 2023/24 NBA season)
Teams played for2014–present – Philadelphia 76ers
MotherChristine Embiid
FatherThomas Embiid
GirlfriendAnne de Paula

Joel Embiid’s early life

Embiid from the beginning used to be fond of volleyball and soccer, but his entire life in basketball was a result of stumbling upon the game for the first time when he was 15 years old. In the footsteps of his idol Hakeem Olajuwon, Embiid learned to play, fulfilling his goal of being a great player just like his idol. With the help of another NBA basketball player, Luc Mbah Moute as the Godfather, who saw potential in Embiid’s skills and hard work. At only 16 Embiid felt confident that he could follow Mbah Moute’s footsteps and moved to the United States.

At that age, people would have preferred to stay with their family instead, but his love for basketball propelled him into making a great sacrificial decision of going ahead to pursue his dream in the US. Yes, the way ahead was filled with challenges and problems, but his persistence and daring provided the means for him to get past those problems, resulting in a new stage of growth and chance.

Playing Style

Embiid has a very unique play style which usually doesn’t suit anybody on both sides of the court. He can dribble which is remarkable for his size. He can make defensive plays as well and he is known for his scoring abilities which he has been showing for quite some years in the NBA now.

What is Joel Embiid’s contract details?

In 2022, Joel Embiid signed a four-year contract deal with the Philadelphia 76ers worth more than $213 million. This deal paid him an annual average of $53,320,232. According to the deal, he would get a basic salary of $47,607,350 for the 2023-24 season. He signed his four-year contract with the Philadelphia 76ers in 2014 worth $19 million. He was taken in the 2014 NBA draft by the Philadelphia 76ers and has been with the organization ever since. This team pays him a substantial income, which adds to his net worth.

Joel Embiid’s contract duration

  • 2014–present – Philadelphia 76ers

How much did Joel Embiid got paid?

  • 2014–present – Philadelphia 76ers [$380 Million]

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