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Giannis Antetokounmpo contract 2024: Know everthing about his contract length and salary

Giannis Antetokounmpo’s career has gotten off to a tremendous start, comparable to the best in the game. In nine seasons, he has earned Most Improved Player, two MVPs, a Defensive Player of the Year award, a championship, and a Finals MVP.

He is at the peak of his career and is one of the NBA’s most lethal powers. He has acquired the nickname “The Greek Freak,” thanks to his amazing athleticism at over seven feet tall and 250 pounds, which allows him to be everywhere and do everything for his team.

In 2021, he led the Milwaukee Bucks to their first championship in 50 years, scoring 50 points in Game 6 against the Phoenix Suns. Following that season, the Bucks realized they needed to sign a new contract. There were reports that Giannis was being lured to Golden State by Stephen Curry, which Curry acknowledged, but only for a video game, not to play together on the court.

Regardless matter the reality, Milwaukee couldn’t risk losing a homegrown superstar for nothing. (Giannis was taken 15th overall in the 2013 NBA Draft, which appears to be a steal nine years later.) In turn, the Bucks signed Antetokounmpo to a five-year supermax agreement for more than $228 million. Two years later, the last year was revised as part of a three-year, $186 million extension.

NameGiannis Sina Ugo Antetokounmpo
Net Worth$120 million – $140 million
Age29 years (born March 11, 1993)
BirthplaceAthens, Greece
Salary$45.6 million approx (for the 2023/24 NBA season)
Teams played for2011–2013 – Filathlitikos
2013–present – Milwaukee Bucks
MotherVeronica Antetokounmpo
FatherCharles Antetokounmpo
FianceeMariah Riddlesprigger

Early Life

Giannis Sina Ugo Adétòkunbọ̀ was born in Athens, Greece, on December 6, 1994. He is the son of Nigerian immigrants. His father played soccer in Nigeria, while his mother was a high jumper. After three years, they relocated from Lagos, leaving their firstborn son, Francis, in the care of his grandparents.

Adétòkunbọ̀ grew up in the Athens area of Sepolia with a predominantly Nigerian family. His parents, who were immigrants without work permits, struggled to find job, so Giannis and his elder brother Thanasis assisted by selling watches, purses, and sunglasses on the streets. In 2007, Adétòkunbọ̀ began playing basketball.

Playing Style

Giannis Antetokounmpo views the regular season as a changing room at a clothes store. He browses the various goods till he finds one he likes. Then he selects one from the rack and returns to try it on. If it fits, excellent! If not, he will scrap it and go on.

One of Antetokounmpo’s strengths is his ability to finish with either hand near the hoop. He has no problem moving right or left and completing with whichever hand he needs. This keeps opponents wondering where he’ll attack.

What is Giannis Antetokounmpo’s contract details?

Giannis Antetokounmpo inked a fairly shocking three-year agreement with the Bucks, and if you believe him, he had no idea how much the contract was worth. For the record, the extension lasted three years and cost $186 million. Giannis will complete out his existing deal over the next two seasons at $45.6 million and $48.8 million, respectively, before the extension begins in 2025-26 at an average yearly salary of $62 million through 2027-28, with the last season a player option.

The Bucks’ management arranged a deal for superstar Damian Lillard, demonstrating their commitment to constructing a championship-caliber squad around Giannis. These planned actions by Bucks management resulted in triumph on October 23, 2023, when Giannis signed a three-year contract extension worth $175.88 million. This deal assures that Giannis will be with the Bucks until at least 2028.

Giannis Antetokounmpo contract duration

  • 2011–2013 – Filathlitikos
  • 2013–present – Milwaukee Bucks

How much did Giannis Antetokounmpo got paid?

  • 2011–2013 – Filathlitikos [Not Known]
  • 2013–present – Milwaukee Bucks [$228.2 million]

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