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Dallas Mavericks: A Promising outlook for the upcoming season

The Dallas Mavericks had a rollercoaster of a season in the NBA, marked by both ups and downs. The team’s performance in close games late-game execution issues and defensive struggles raised questions about their potential. However, as they gear up for the upcoming season, there are several factors that suggest a promising outlook for the Mavericks. One notable aspect of the Mavericks’ 2021-22 season was their performance in close games. They finished with a 5-11 record in games that featured both Luka Doncic and Kyrie Irving.

However, the raw win-loss record doesn’t tell the whole story. In fact, the Mavericks outscored their opponents by a total of nine points over those 16 games. A deeper dive reveals that 14 of the 16 games were within five points in the last five minutes and the Mavericks lost 11 of those 14 close contests. This highlights their late-game execution issues as a .214 winning percentage (3-11) in such games is far from ideal. However, there is reason to believe that they can improve in this aspect in the upcoming season.

Chemistry and full training camp

One of the factors that could contribute to better late-game performance is improved chemistry between the team’s two stars Luka Doncic and Kyrie Irving. It’s important to remember that last season was their first together and they didn’t have the benefit of a full training camp to build rapport and understanding on the court. As they enter their second season playing alongside each other their chemistry should naturally improve. With a full training camp to fine-tune their partnership, the Mavericks can expect a more cohesive and effective late-game execution.

Offensive Prowess

Offensively, the Mavericks have reason to be optimistic. Despite their late-game struggles, their offense performed admirably. If Doncic and Irving can develop good chemistry the team’s offense should rank among the top 10 in the league for the fourth time in five seasons. Their ability to create scoring opportunities and play off each other’s strengths is a key to their success.

Defensive Concerns and Solutions

While the Mavericks showed promise on offense, their defensive performance left much to be desired. Only the San Antonio Spurs saw a larger increase in points allowed per 100 possessions from the previous season. With Doncic and Irving in the backcourt defensive challenges may persist.

However, the team has made efforts to address their defensive weaknesses. Acquisitions like Grant Williams and Derrick Jones Jr., along with the return to full health of Maxi Kleber who missed a significant portion of the previous season, should bolster their defensive efforts. If the Mavericks can achieve a league-average defense instead of ranking 25th it would greatly benefit their overall performance.

In a stacked Western Conference, where many teams are vying for playoff spots, the Mavericks must be prepared for fierce competition. Some teams that appear to be in decent shape may ultimately miss the playoffs. Dallas possesses the undeniable talent of Luka Doncic and they have the knowledge that things weren’t as dire as they seemed during their late-season slide.

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