Andre Iguodala stats: What are his numbers with Golden State Warriors?

Andre Iguodala stats: Andre Iguodala has been a key component of the Golden State Warriors’ success over the last seven seasons. The former Philadelphia 76er has been an important part of the team’s three titles, making clutch plays and offering essential leadership. Iguodala’s Warriors statistics show his effect on the squad.

Andre Iguodala has averaged 6.9 points, 3.8 rebounds, and 3.4 assists in 452 games for the Warriors in his seven seasons with the team. He made 48.9 percent of his shots from the field and 33.2 percent of his three-point attempts. As one of the team’s greatest defenders, his defensive abilities and basketball IQ have been crucial to the team’s success.

Andre Iguodala – 2015 Final MVP

Iguodala was voted MVP of the 2015 NBA Finals after averaging 16.3 points, 5.8 rebounds, 4.0 assists, and 1.3 steals per game. He led the Warriors to a 4-2 series triumph over the Cleveland Cavaliers by shooting 53.8 percent from the field and 44.1 percent from three-point range.

Iguodala averaged 18.5 points, 5.7 rebounds, 4.1 assists, and 1.6 steals per game in the 2016 playoffs as the Warriors swept LeBron James and the Cavaliers in the Finals. He played some of the greatest basketball of his career, shooting 51.2 percent from the field and 47.2 percent from three-point range.

Iguodala’s postseason numbers in 2017 were equally spectacular. He had a game average of 10.0 points, 4.9 rebounds, 3.6 assists, and 1.2 steals while shooting 47.2 percent from the field and 36.2 percent from three-point range. Iguodala played his trademark lockdown defense and hit clutch shots when it counted. He was also a useful leader for a squad that was missing a few important players due to injuries.

Iguodala was a vital component of the Warriors’ postseason victory in 2018, averaging 9.8 points, 4.3 rebounds, 4.0 assists, and 1.1 steals per game. He hit 47.5 percent from the field and 38.5 percent from three-point range in the Warriors’ 4-0 Finals victory against the Cavaliers.

Iguodala maintained his great play in the 2019 Finals, averaging 11.8 points, 4.1 rebounds, 4.0 assists, and 1.2 steals per game. He made 46.2 percent of his shots from the field and 32.6 percent of his three-point attempts. But, for the first time in team history, the Toronto Raptors won the NBA Championship, defeating the Golden State Warriors in six games.

Andre Iguodala’s statistics with the Golden State Warriors demonstrate how vital he has been to the squad. His stats reflect his effect on the club, as he has offered leadership, clutch shooting, and lockdown defense. He will be recognized as a crucial contributor to the Warriors’ three titles.

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Andre Iguodala has been a crucial part of the Golden State Warriors

Iguodala is a versatile defender who can play a variety of positions. Iguodala is a well-known perimeter defender who can also guard larger players on the inside. He’s a clever player who knows how to position himself and use his length to stymie opposition offenses. On the defensive end, he is an exceptional communicator who can assist the Heat’s young players in developing their defensive talents.

Iguodala is an astute playmaker who can generate shots for himself and others. He is also a consistent perimeter shooter who can hit open threes. He is also an excellent playmaker, capable of finding open teammates in the halfcourt and in transition. He is an excellent cutter who can score off the ball and is an underappreciated finisher around the basket.

Andre Iguodala’s achievements

Andre Iguodala has been one of the most accomplished and respected players in the NBA over the past decade. A 4-time NBA champion and 2015 NBA Finals MVP, Iguodala has been named to the NBA All-Defensive Team five times, was selected to the All-Star Game in 2012, and won the NBA’s Most Improved Player award in 2006.

Off the court, Iguodala has made his mark as a leader in the community and a champion for social justice. He is a member of the Players’ Tribune Advisory Board, a philanthropist with a passion for education and youth development, and a vocal advocate for social and racial equality. He has also hosted a number of events and initiatives to benefit underserved communities, including the Andre Iguodala Community Game and the Andre Iguodala STEM Camp.

Iguodala is also a successful entrepreneur. In 2015, he founded Iguodala Enterprises, a venture capital firm focused on investing in technology and media companies. In 2017, he was named Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Golden State Warriors.

Iguodala is a three-time winner of the NBA’s J. Walter Kennedy Citizenship Award.

Let’s look back at Andre Iguodala career stats with Golden State Warrior