What is Unnati Hooda’s net worth, salary, and brand endorsements?

Unnati Hooda is an Indian badminton player who has been the sparkling starlight in the pool of badminton talents in the country. Hooda grabbed the front row of the newspapers recently after she won the Odisha Open in 2022. Moreover, she was also part of India’s Uber Cup team in the same year. In the next couple of years, Unnati Hooda has the potential to join the list of stars who have shone for India on the world stage.

The talented Unnati Hooda’s journey began at the Chhotu Ram Stadium in Haryana. Although the stadium is known for its wrestling prowess; there was an ardent passion amongst Unnati which was fuelled by her father Upkar. In a recent interview, Upkar said,” She won an U-11 junior event and then kept winning district and state meets. It was then that I realised that she can take up the sport seriously.” Subsequently, under the tutelage of Parvesh Kumar, Unnati not only became competitive but also resilient. Parvesh had to put in umpteen hours and hard work to make her ready for the top level of badminton. “We had to work on her service, smash, net dribbles and toss and drop shots over the years and she is always eager to learn and train more. On a normal training day, we make her practice about 1,600 drop shots,” Parvesh Kumar pointed out.

Unnati Hooda won the Super 100 BWF World Tour event at the Odisha Open, capping off a career of continuous improvement that began at a young age. In the quarterfinals, Hooda overcame her countrymate Samiya Farooqui, who was rated higher. Subsequently, in the semifinals, she snagged a large fish in Malvika Bansod. Then, in the championship match, she defeated Smit Toshniwal in a straight-up win. Following her widespread attention, Unnati Hooda was named to the Indian team for the Uber Cup in April. Unnati who has been a fan of PV Sindhu since her playing days, went to the Uber Cup with her hero. “I am a big fan of PV Sindhu’s smashes. Growing up, I have always aspired to play like her. I’m hoping that I will get an opportunity to see her play and learn from her game.”

The caravan of Hooda’s success did not stop over here and she doled out impressive performances in the Khelo India 2022 as well. This also accentuated her BWF rankings and she subsequently entered the top 100 rankings of the BWF. Unnati’s second senior title came in October 2023 after she defeated compatriot Samiya Imad Farooqui in a hard-fought final at the Abu Dhabi Masters. Nevertheless, it’s early days for Hooda and as she trains hard, she will progress every day towards her Olympic dreams like her role model.

Unnati Hooda’s Net Worth

According to various reports, the net worth of this rising and sensational Indian talent cannot be confirmed. Nevertheless, you can check our website if there is any development on the same.

Unnati Hooda’s salary

The salary of the Indian shuttler Unnati Hooda is still not known. However, we will update you with his salary details once it is known.

Unnati Hooda’s endorsements

The Indian international has been seen as a relatively young, up-and-coming talent from the badminton pool of India. However, the 16-year-old youngster has still not walked into the corporate world. Naturally, as of now, Unnati has no corporate endorsements against her name. However, given her promising performances, corporate endorsements are not very far.

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