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The last 5 men’s singles winners of the All England Opens

The All England Open Badminton Tournament is an esteemed tournament in the Badminton world, which has been held since 1899. With a total of 155 matches from March 12th to 17th 2024, it’s no surprise that it attracts some of the world’s most skilled players. However, only a select few Indian players including Prakash Padukone and Pullela Gopichand have achieved the coveted All-England Open Titles. Let’s take a closer look at the last five men’s singles players who have triumphed in this prestigious tournament.


The Indonesian shuttler Jonatan Christie clinched the All England Open 2024 title by defeating Anthony Sinisuka of Indonesia in a straight game of two by 21-15, 21-14. With the dominant gameplay in both games, Jonatan showed impressive talent and skills. In the first game of the finals Jonatan and Anthony were equally dominant over each other but by scoring 5 successive points after Jonatan took the score from 3-3 to 8-3 which gave him a head start and at the end, Jonatan grabbed the first game by 21-15. In the deciding game with the score of 15-14, both players were tough on each other with great shots, smashes and rallies until Jonatan scored 6 consecutive points to win the game by 21-14 and the All-England Opnes 2024.

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In the match of two straight games, Li Shi Feng won the title of all England Open 2023 by defeating Shi Yu Qui with a score of 26-24, 21-5. This was one of the most intense and exciting badminton matches in history. The starting game was extremely close, with both Chinese players exhibiting top-notch gameplay, filled with rallies, drop shots, and smashes. Li Shi Feng and Shi Yu Qui were equally dominant, but in the end, Li Shi Feng won the game by 26-24. The second game was one-sided, Li with his magnificent game overpowered Shi Yu Qui and thrashed him with a huge difference of 21-5 to lift the men’s single title of All England Open 2023.

Viktor Alexson (DENMARK)

Viktor Alexson, a Danish badminton player and current world rank no.1, won the All England Opens 2022 title after being the runner-up in the previous year’s tournament. He defeated Lakshya Sen of India in a two-game match, with the score of 21-10 and 21-15. Viktor started the first game by scoring six consecutive points, which gave him a massive lead. He continued to maintain this lead, and eventually won the game by 21-10. In the second game, Lakshya started strong, but Viktor managed to take the lead due to a few mistakes made by Lakshya. Viktor won the final game by scoring 21-15, thus clinching the title of All England Open 2022.

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Malaysian badminton player Lee Zil Jia emerged victorious in the All-England Open 2021 after an intense match against Danish player Viktor Alexsem.Both players delivered a thrilling performance in the match which lasted for 74 minutes, with Lee emerging victorious by a score of 30-29, 20-22, 21-9. The first game witnessed a particularly close competition as both players refused to back down, and they played five deuce points before Lee ultimately won 30-29. In the second game, both players were giving each other equal competition. However, this time the Danish player Viktor Alexson emerged victorious. The third game was completely one-sided, with Lee Zil Jia dominating Viktor. Due to many misjudgements and mistakes, Lee was able to overcome Viktor Alexson with a score of 21-9. As a result, Lee Zil Jia was crowned the winner of the All England Open 2021.

Viktor Alexson (Denmark)

Viktor Alexson, the skilled Danish badminton player who currently holds the world no. 1 rank, secured the title of All England Opens 2020 by defeating Chou Tien Chen of Taiwan in a two-game match with scores of 21-13 and 21-14.Viktor dominated the gameplay right from the beginning, making it easy for him to win both games. In the first game, both players were equally competitive, but Viktor managed to score several consecutive points, taking the lead until the end and winning 21-13. In the second game of the All England Opens 2020, Viktor got an early lead. Although Chou Tien Chen attempted to catch up, he couldn’t close the gap. As a result, Viktor won the title with a score of 21-14 in the second game.

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