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Who is Santiago Ford’s wife? Know everything about his love life

Santiago Ford is a well-known athlete in Chile who specializes in multi-event competition. He was born in Cuba as Santiago Adolfo Ford Romero on August 25, 1997. After completing his studies and training in the field of sports education at Havana’s Comandante Manuel Fajardo Rivero Provincial School of Physical Education, he graduated as a teacher in May 2017.

Despite his accomplishments, Ford felt unrecognized in Cuba, and in 2018, he decided to seek a new beginning, which led him to change his country. His journey from Cuba was full of challenges as he traveled via flight to Guyana, via land to Brazil, and finally boarded a plane to Peru. He then endured a risky crossing along a railway through a minefield and overcame numerous obstacles to reach Chilean soil.

One of the challenges that Santiago Ford faced was a critical moment in Peru which involved his last $30 being the way to his freedom and subsequent journey across the landscapes of the Atacama Desert to Chile. In his initial years in Chile, he worked as a bouncer, far from the athletic fields he knew. It was his athletic skills, particularly in the triple jump at the 2021 National Athletics Championships, that captured the attention of coach Matías Barrera and earned him a place at the High-Performance Center.

A motion on June 28, 2022, by Senator Sebastián Keitel, awarded him Chilean citizenship by grace, a motion that came into effect by January 9, 2023. This pivotal moment paved the way for Ford to compete for Chile at the Pan-American Games in Santiago. All his hard work finally was recognized with a historic gold medal in the decathlon at the Pan American Games 2023, securing the seventh gold for Chile and becoming the nation’s second gold in the decathlon since Hernan Figueroa’s win in 1951.

NameSantiago Ford
DOB25 August 1997
CategoryMen’s Decathlete
International CareerChile (2021-present)
Current World Ranking1315
Highest World Ranking1232
HonoursPan American Games 2023 (Gold)
South American Championships 2023 (Silver)

Best Domestic Finish

On July 20, 2016, at the Zawisza Stadium in Bydgoszcz, Poland, Santiago Ford of Cuba took part in the Men’s Javelin Throw decathlon at the IAAF World U20 Championships. Germany and Cuba, with their top 5 ranked athletes, seem set to dominate the decathlon. Santiago Ford from Cuba, along with Germany’s Jan Ruhrmann and Niklas Kaul, has posted scores in the range of 7900 to 8000 points. Kaul, last year’s World Youth winner, is remembered for his remarkable javelin throw of 2566 at the same event, getting a silver in the individual javelin.

Ford has previously joined international competitions for the IAAF but didn’t do very well. From Team USA, Cale Wagner, a fresh student at the University of Nebraska, made his way to this level by scoring a personal best of 7532 at the USA Juniors. Although he did not take part in this event in high school, he achieved a score of 7057 using heavier equipment for college-age athletes at the Big Ten meet, before his outstanding performance in Clovis.

Best International Finish

Santiago Ford, a new sports hero for Chile, took the decathlon gold at the 2023 Pan American Games. This unexpected victory gave Chile its seventh gold. Born in Cuba, Ford has been in Chile for five years, looking for better chances to compete in sports. He came first in the eventful competition, enjoying his win before even reaching the end of the 1500 meters, as he outpaced his closest competitors—José Fernando Ferreira from Brazil, who took silver with a score of 7748, and American Ryan Talbot, who came in third scoring 7742.

Who is Santiago Ford’s wife?

The name of Chilean athlete Santiago Ford‘s wife is not available. However, we will update you with more information once it is known.

Does Santiago Ford have any kids?

Yes, Santiago Ford has a son named Jordan Matias.

Know everything about his love life

Not much information is available about Santiago Ford’s wife. We will update you with details regarding his relationship once it is known.

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