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Who is Devynne Charlton’s parents? Know everything about his mother and father

Devynne Charlton, a sprinter from the Bahamas, set a new world record in the 60m hurdles twice in less than a month at the 2024 World Athletics Indoor Championships held in Glasgow. She registered a time of 7.65 seconds, earning her first-ever world title. On March 3, 2024, during this event, Charlton improved her previous world record, demonstrating that she has the potential to be even faster.

At 28 years old, Charlton is modest about her accomplishments, yet she’s achieved a phenomenal season and has stretched the limits of athletic performance. In high school, at St. Augustine’s College (SAC), Devynne Charlton was a multi-talented athlete, participating in basketball, and swimming, and taking a leadership role as the captain of Seton House in her final two years.

In 2022, Charlton claimed a silver medal in the 60m hurdles at the Commonwealth Games and set a national record at the World Indoor Championships. She broke the 60 metres hurdles world record at the 116th Millrose Games with a time of 7.67 seconds, only to surpass it with her recent 7.65 seconds run to take the gold at the 2024 Championships.

Charlton also represented the Bahamas at the Olympics in Tokyo in 2020, finishing sixth in the 100m hurdles. In previous years, she competed in the 2015 and 2017 World Championships in Athletics but didn’t make it past the heats and semifinals, respectively.

NameDevynne Charlton
DOB26 November 1995
CategoryBahamian Track and field athlete
International CareerWorld Indoor Championships, Commonwealth Games, 2020 Tokyo Olympics
Domestic CareerNACAC Championships, Pan American Junior Championships, CAC Junior Championships
MotherLaura Pratt-Charlton
FatherDavid Charlton
SiblingsSister- Anthaya Charlton


At the 2024 World Athletics Indoor Championships in Glasgow, Charlton smashed her own 60m hurdles world record for a second time in just three weeks, triumphantly crossing the finish line in 7.65 seconds to clinch her inaugural global title. Despite only securing a seventh-place finish during the morning heats with a time of 7.93 seconds, Charlton made impressive adjustments to her start technique. In the final, she executed a flawless start, leading the race from the outset and winning decisively, leaving behind the French competitor, Cyrena Samba-Mayela, who had previously outpaced her for the championship two years prior in Belgrade.


Devynne Charlton, a redshirt senior from Purdue, made it to the finals in the 100-meter hurdles at the Tokyo Olympics 2020, placing second in her semifinal heat with a time of 12.66 seconds. This was Charlton’s first Olympic appearance. Holding Purdue records for both the 100-meter hurdles and dash, her times are impressive: 12.70 and 11.22 seconds, respectively.

Throughout her college years, Charlton earned the title of All-American nine times. She came in just behind the winner in the NCAA 100-meter hurdles in 2018 and the 60-meter hurdles in 2017. An 11-time Big Ten champ, she’s also been named Big Ten Track Athlete of the Year three times. Representing The Bahamas, Charlton has qualified for the World Championships twice and participated in the Pan American Games twice.

Who are her parents?

Devynne Charlton was born on 26 November 1995, in Nassau, Bahamas, to parents David Charlton and Laura Pratt-Charlton.

Know about her mother

Laura PrattCharlton, a well-known pharmacist, and entrepreneur, has had a lifelong passion for healthcare. Earning her pharmacy degree from Howard University in ’88, she made such an impact that she was inducted into the College of the Bahamas Hall of Fame. Now, she runs and directs the Prescription Parlour Pharmacy, her second business venture in the field. Laura also has big plans to fully engage with the International Alumni Association, eager to connect and work with fellow members in her industry.

Know about her Father

Devynne Charlton’s dad, David Charlton, knows a lot about mental strength and sports as a Sports and Exercise Psychologist. David used to be good at golf and played a lot, but now he does it more for a good time. He’s also helped out with coaching kids’ soccer teams. He gets how a person’s traits, what they value, how they think, and what they believe can affect their sports game.

Since he was young, David loved sports psychology because he wanted to be a pro golfer. However, a lack of self-belief and nerves got in the way when he tried to compete at the top levels. His passion for sports psychology only increased as he began to coach soccer and play a bunch of other sports like football, rugby, snooker, pool, darts, squash, tennis, and badminton.

Who are Devynne Charlton’s siblings?

Anthaya Charlton is the sister of sprinter Devynne Charlton. She is also an athlete in the track and field domain. Anthaya recently committed to the University of Kentucky by signing a letter of intent, thereby joining forces with a team guided by fellow Bahamians: head coach Rolando Greene and assistant coach Debbie Ferguson-McKenzie, alongside Megan Moss, a sophomore quarter-miler, and freshman sprinter Jaida Knowles.

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