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Who is Devynne Charlton’s boyfriend? Know everything about her relationship

Devynne Ashtyn Charlton was born on 26 November 1995. Devynne Charlton is a track star from the Bahamas who excels in the 100 meters hurdles. She got her early education from St. Augustine’s College in Nassau, Bahamas, and later on, she earned her degree from Purdue University. Her mom and dad are Laura and David Charlton. Her dad, David, used to be a track athlete too, competing for Howard University. She has two sisters, Lauren and Anthaya.

Lauren is a student at Michigan State University. At the Commonwealth Games in 2022, Charlton snagged a silver medal in her event. She also claimed silver in the 60 meters hurdles at the World Indoor Championships that year. There, she also set a Bahamian record with a time of 7.81 seconds. In 2024, at the Millrose Games, which was its 116th edition, she broke the world record for the 60 meters hurdles, clocking in at 7.67 seconds.

She competed for the Bahamas at the Tokyo Olympics in 2020 and came in sixth for the 100 meters hurdles. Charlton also raced for her country at the World Championships back in 2015 and 2017, but she didn’t get past the early rounds and semifinals, respectively. Apart from her world record, Charlton has a strong track record.

She earned a silver medal in the 60m hurdles at the 2022 World Indoor Championships held in Belgrade, Serbia, and repeated that success with another silver at the Commonwealth Games in Birmingham, England, the same year. In the 2023 World Championships in Budapest, Hungary, the 28-year-old made it to the finals for the 100m hurdles but finished fourth with a time of 12.52 seconds. After the race, she talked about overcoming injuries and explained her spine tattoo.

It’s a Latin saying that means, “There’s no simple way from the ground to the stars.” It’s a phrase her mom tells her every time before she races. Devynne Charlton set a new record in the women’s 60m hurdles at the Millrose Games in New York City on February 11, 2024. Her incredible time of 7.67 seconds beat both the world and national records. By doing this, she took down a record that had been in place since 2008, set by Susanna Kallur of Sweden.

Who is Devynne Charlton’s husband?

Devynne Charlton isn’t dating right now. She is not in a relationship. Information regarding her prior relationships and engagements is limited.

Does Devynne Charlton have kids?

No, Devynne Charlton does not have kids.

Know everything about her love life

Her romantic history is largely unknown. But as soon as we learn anything new about her personal life or relationship, we’ll let you know.

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