What’s next for the Indian men’s 4x400m Relay Team?

The Indian men’s 4x400m relay team has been making waves in the athletics world, especially after their stellar performance at the World Athletics Championships 2023. Comprising Amoj Jacob, Muhammed Anas Yahiya, Muhammed Ajmal Variyathodi, and Rajesh Ramesh, the team not only broke the Asian record but also became India’s first male quartet to make it to the finals at the World Athletics Championships 2023.

The Indian men’s 4x400m relay team clocked an impressive 2:59.05 seconds in the heats at the World Athletics Championships 2023 as she established the new Asian record which makes them a strong contender for the gold medal at the upcoming Asian Games 2023. They went on to secure fifth place in the finals with a time of 2:59.92 seconds and established their position in the globe.

Challenges ahead of the Asian Games 2023

However, Amoj Jacob, who ran the fastest split in the heats for the Indian men’s 4x400m relay team, stated about the challenges ahead of the Asian Games 2023. At a recent press conference, Jacob said, “Definitely, (it) will be hard for us to get 2:58 (because) we won’t get that much challenge from anyone else at the Asian Games. Everyone will be looking at us. I think Japan will be competitive, they have three 44 runners. Don’t know about the timings, anything can happen on that day.” This indicates that the team isn’t taking anything lightly. They recognize that their performance at the big stage has put them in the spotlight which will also add extra pressure to replicate or even surpass their World Championship timing.

Jacob further added, “Major drawback was Ajmal jumping over the Botswana guy. Otherwise if he hadn’t fallen we would have clocked 2:58. In the second leg also I got blocked, I tried to catch them till 200m, I went all out but then I got tired.” Ajmal, on the performance in the final, mentioned, “There were small things that led to us not being able to achieve it. But to be able to do that in the heats, gives us confidence for the Asian Games.”

India’s performance in the relay event at the Asian Games 2018

It is important to note that India clinched the gold medal in the men’s 4x400m relay team at the Asian Games 2018 that took place in Jakarta, Indonesia. During that time, the team consisted of Kunhu Muhammed, Dharun Ayyasamy, Muhammed Anas Yahiya, Arokia Rajiv, K. S. Jeevan, and Jithu Baby. However, among all these members, Yahiya is the only senior member who will be present in the 2023 squad. Considering how India fared at the World Athletics Championships 2023, all eyes will be on this team to replicate a similar performance as last edition at this year’s Asian Games.

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