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What is Ajay Kumar Saroj’s age, height, weight and more?

On May 1st, 1997, Indian middle-distance runner Ajay Kumar Saroj was born. Ajay Kumar Saroj won gold in the 1500-meter race at both the 2016 South Asian Games and the 2017 Asian Athletics Championships. 2019’s South Asian Games saw Ajay Kumar Saroj win a gold medal in the 1500-meter race as well. Born and raised in Uttar Pradesh (UP), Ajay Kumar Saroj is a native of the state. Being the youngest, Saroj has three sisters and three brothers. The father of Ajay Kumar Saroj is a farmer, while his mother stays at home. When Ajay Kumar Saroj was fifteen years old, he started playing sports. When Ajay Kumar Saroj was younger, his family saw he wasn’t interested in school, so they encouraged him to start practicing sports.

An avid learner, Ajay Kumar Saroj would watch the Olympic Games on television to understand the nuances of athletics. Ajay Kumar Saroj began his career in the 400 meters, but on his coach’s recommendation, he focused on the 1500 and 800 meters instead. Because representing UP would have entailed going through the “hassle of trials,” as the long-distance runner put it, Saroj decided to represent Assam. “We made a poor decision since I was eager to compete immediately. Saroj continues, “I continued winning events and I submitted all my papers correctly, but the prize money from the tournaments would never reach me,” in response to a question concerning her difficult start in the sport.

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At the age of 17, Saroj broke both the national records for the Under-18 and Under-20 divisions, and he didn’t look back. “Once I started training seriously, sometimes in high altitude at Ooty, I just wanted to break all records,” the driven runner remembers. At that juncture, Saroj was picked for the UP team by P K Shrivastava, the treasurer of the Athletics Federation of India and a member of the UP Athletics Association. When Saroj relocated to Bengaluru in 2013, Ajith and Shrivastava provided intermittent bursts of help. Saroj’s first major break occurred in 2014 when he placed sixth at the Youth Olympics in Nanjing.

According to Saroj, he still has financial difficulties and his monthly expenses are more than $35,000. There has been some relief from the athlete’s burden when GoSports joined the team two months ago. “Even now, I don’t have a bank account. My coach manages all of the money that I receive from my brother, the association, and my parents. What would make a profile necessary? “It’s not like I have any savings at the end of the month,” Saroj jokes.

NameAjay Kumar Saroj
Place of birthUttar Pradesh
DOB1 May 1997
Age26 yrs

What is Ajay Kumar Saroj’s age?

The age of the ace Indian athlete is currently 25 years. Ajay Kumar Saroj was born on 1 May 1997 in the Uttar Pradesh, Allahabad.

What is Ajay Kumar Saroj’s height?

Ajay Kumar Saroj’s height is 174 cm or roughly 5.80 ft.

What is Ajay Kumar Saroj’s weight?

Indian Athlete Ajay Kumar Saroj’s weight is 58kg.

When did Ajay Kumar Saroj start his professional career?

Ajay Kumar Saroj started her professional career with the Indian Athletics team way back in 2016. At both the 2017 Asian Athletics Championships and the 2016 South Asian Games, he took home gold in the 1500 m event.

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