European Athletics U20 Championships Stats: What are the records set at the event?

The European Athletic Association (EAA) oversees a biennial competition designed specifically for under-20 athletes in Europe, known today as the European Athletics U20 Championships. This event, catering to the age category defined by World Athletics as junior athletes, has evolved over the years.

Initially, the competition made its debut in 1964 as the European Junior Games which aimed to spotlight the emerging young talents in the athletic field. The EAA recognized the significance of this event and officially sanctioned it during its subsequent occurrence in 1966.

After being held under the “games” label for three editions, the title underwent a transformation. The competition was rebranded to the European Athletics Junior Championships and remained under that name until 2015, when it was changed to the current title, the European Athletics U20 Championships.

The most accomplished nation in the history of the European Athletics U20 Championships is East Germany. With a total of a whopping 296 medals including 146 gold, 90 silver, and 60 bronze medals, the former nation still stands strong on the top of the medal standings. Great Britain and Germany are the second and third most successful countries in the tournament, with 346 and 278 medals overall.

The 2023 edition of the European Athletics U20 Championships

The European Athletics U20 Championships 2023 is currently underway from August 7 to August 10, 2023, at the Givat Ram Stadium in Jerusalem, Israel. The European Athletics Association initially chose Cluj-Napoca, Romania as the host city. However, due to unforeseen circumstances, Cluj Arena was deemed unsuitable for an event of such level. 

Thus, the European Athletics made the decision to shift the venue after evaluating the situation and committed to ensuring an optimal environment for the event. It was Israel which was then awarded the rights for hosting the event.  

Championship records set at the European Athletics U20 Championships

With the European Athletics U20 Championships concluding, let’s take a look at all the records set in the history of the competition.

EventMen’s Athlete (Country)RecordWomen’s Athlete (Country)Record
100 mChristophe Lemaitre (France)10.04Jodie Williams (Great Britain)11.18
200 mJürgen Evers (West Germany)20.37Bärbel Eckert (East Germany)22.85
400 mRoger Black (Great Britain)45.36Christina Brehmer (East Germany)51.27
800 mRoberto Parra (Spain)1:45.90Katrin Wühn (East Germany)2:00.25
1500 mGraham Williamson (Great Britain)3:38.96Inger Knutsson (Sweden)4:04.47
5000 mSteve Binns (Great Britain)13:44.37Elvan Abeylegesse (Turkey)15:21.12
10000 mAli Kaya (Turkey)28:31.16
110 m hurdlesSasha Zhoya (France)13.05Olena Ovcharova (Ukraine)13.09
400 m hurdlesTimofey Chalyy (Russia)49.23Zuzana Hejnová (Czech Republic)55.89
3000 m steeplechaseIlgizar Safiullin (Russia)8:37.94Karoline Bjerkeli Grøvdal (Norway)9:43.69
High jumpMaksim Nedasekau (Belarus)2.33 mYelena Yelesina (Soviet Union), Maria Kuchina (Russia)1.95 m
Pole vaultArmand Duplantis (Sweden)5.65 mAngelica Bengtsson (Sweden)4.57 m
Long jumpMattia Furlani (Italy)8.23 mDarya Klishina (Russia)6.80 m
Triple jumpNazim Babayev (Azerbaijan)17.04 mAnastasiya Ilyina (Russia)14.12 m
Shot putKonrad Bukowiecki (Poland)22.62 mAstrid Kumbernuss (East Germany)19.53 m
Discus throwBartłomiej Stój (Poland)68.02 mIlke Wyludda (East Germany)70.58 m
Hammer throwMykhaylo Kokhan (Ukraine)84.73 mSilja Kosonen (Finland)71.06 m
Javelin throwZigismunds Sirmais (Latvia)81.53 mNikolett Szabo (Hungary)61.52 m
DecathlonNiklas Kaul (Germany)8435 ptsSybille Thiele (East Germany)6465 pts
10000 m walk (track)Andrey Ruzavin (Russia)39:28.45Elena Lashmanova (Russia)42:59.48
4×100 m relayTyrone Edgar, Dwayne Grant, Tim Benjamin, Mark Lewis-Francis (Great Britain)39.24Katrin Fehm, Keshia Kwadwo, Sophia Junk, Jennifer Montag (Germany)43.27 WJR
4×400 m relayUwe Preusche, Frank Löper, Eckard Trylus, Jens Carlowitz (East Germany)3:04.58Cornelia Feuerbach,Carola Witzel,Ines Vogelgesang,Heike Böhme (East Germany)3:30.39

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