Countries that have won the European Athletics Indoor Championships each year since its commencement

Athletics has a rich and illustrious history in Europe. Modern athletics has its roots in ancient Greece, where competitors participated in several running, jumping, and throwing competitions during the Olympic Games. However, contemporary athletics as we know it today developed in the nineteenth century in Great Britain. The Amateur Athletic Club (AAA) which eventually became the Amateur Athletic Association, was founded in London in 1866. The AAA was in charge of planning and overseeing athletics tournaments in Great Britain. This then acted as a blueprint for other national athletic associations that were a part of  Europe.

The marathon running shot put, triple jump, and long jump were among the athletic competitions that were part of the inaugural modern Olympic Games, which were staged in Athens, Greece, in 1896. The Olympics’ success helped in popularizing athletics and encouraging its expansion across Europe. European athletes took over the world of athletics in the early twentieth century. At this time, many legendary athletes rose to prominence, including Harold Abrahams of Great Britain and Paavo Nurmi of Finland. In fact, Paavo Nurmi is one of the greatest athletes in Olympic history as he clinched twelve Olympic medals in distance running events.

After the Second World War, the popularity of athletics in Europe grew even further. The International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF) was established in Stockholm, Sweden, in 1912, to promote and regulate athletics all around the world. The IAAF, now known as World Athletics, currently serves as the sport’s regulatory body and arranges important competitions including the World Championships and Diamond League. With numerous Olympic and world winners coming from nations like Norway, Great Britain, France, and Germany, European athletes continue to rule in athletics in the twenty-first century. These inlude Karsten Warholm, Jakob Ingebrigsten, Femke Bol, Miltiádis Tentóglou, and so on.

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Countries that have won the European Athletics Indoor Championships each year since its commencement

The European Athletics Indoor Championships is one of the most prestigious events that is held biennially in Europe. It features the majority of elite athletes from all over Europe who give their best to bring glory to their respective nations. Its inaugural competition took place in Vienna, Austria, in 1970. Since then, it has developed into one of the most renowned indoor athletics events in the world. The significance of the championships is that the European Athletics Indoor Championships serve as a qualifying event for the Olympic Games and the World Indoor Championships.  Athletes who excel at the Championships get an opportunity to represent their nation’s squad in these competitions.

Let’s take a look at the nations who have dominated the European Athletics Indoor Championships over the years.

YearHost, CountryCountriesAthletesCountry that topped the medal table
1970Vienna, Austria22279Soviet Union
1971Sofia, Bulgaria23323Soviet Union
1972Grenoble, France23263East Germany
1973Rotterdam, Netherlands24307West Germany
1974Gothenburg, Sweden25263Poland
1975Katowice, Poland24270East Germany
1976Munich, West Germany25226Soviet Union
1977San Sebastián, Spain24240East Germany
1978Milan, Italy25252East Germany
1979Vienna, Austria24208East Germany
1980Sindelfingen, West Germany26234West Germany
1981Grenoble, France23255East Germany
1982Milan, Italy23282West Germany
1983Budapest, Hungary24261Soviet Union
1984Gothenburg, Sweden26240Czechoslovakia
1985Piraeus,Greece26290East Germany
1986Madrid, Spain26270East Germany
1987Liévin, France26339Soviet Union
1988Budapest, Hungary27358East Germany
1989The Hague, Netherlands27323Soviet Union
1990Glasgow, United Kingdom28370Soviet Union
1992Genoa, Italy35439Unified Team
1994Paris, France40499Russia
1996Stockholm, Sweden44463Germany
1998Valencia, Spain39484Germany
2000Ghent, Belgium44546Russia
2002Vienna, Austria45558Russia
2005Madrid, Spain41563Russia
2007Birmingham, United Kingdom47519Great Britain
2009Turin, Italy45530Russia
2011Paris, France46577France
2013Gothenburg, Sweden47578Russia
2015Prague, Czech Republic49614Russia
2017Belgrade, Serbia48525Poland
2019Glasgow, United Kingdom47582Poland
2021Toruń, Poland46659Netherlands
2023Istanbul, Turkey47550Norway

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