Athletics Stats: Who are the Kenyan athletes banned for Doping?

Kenya is renowned for its prowess in athletics, particularly excelling in long and middle-distance running. Numerous international records are held by Kenyan athletes, with Athletics Kenya (AK) governing the sport within the country. AK is a member of both World Athletics and the Confederation of African Athletics.While many Kenyan athletes have brought significant glory to the nation, there are downsides too. Some athletes often tend to use shortcuts and inappropriate methods (doping) to achieve instantaneous success. This causes a bad impression of the accomplishments of certain athletes, casting a shadow over their hard-earned triumphs.

67 Kenyan athletes have been banned for doping in the last few years which has tarnished the reputation of the East African athletics powerhouse. To address this issue, Kenya is ramping up its efforts to combat doping. Sports Minister Ababu Namwamba revealed that the country plans to increase annual testing from 1,000 to 3,445 for its 37,900 athletes and support staff.

The ministry emphasizes integrity in sports and has declared an all-out war against cheating. A collaborative body has been formed, consisting of representatives from Athletics Kenya, the Anti-Doping Agency of Kenya (ADAK), the Athletics Integrity Unit (AIU), and the Kenyan sports ministry. Recently, the AIU identified striking similarities in two doping cases, suggesting that medical staff may be assisting athletes in covering up these practices, which isn’t helping the cause.

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Who are the Kenyan athletes banned for Doping at present?

Wilson Kipsang and Jemima Jelagat Sumgong are the two Olympic medalists who have been banned as a result of Doping and other related reasons. The 2012 Olympic bronze medalist Wilson, who is a five-time World Marathon Majors winner having won titles in London 2012, Berlin 2013, London 2014, New York 2014, and Tokyo 2017, has been banned from competing internationally till January 2024 owing to three whereabouts failures within a 12-month period and tampering. On the other hand, Jemima Jelagat Sumgong, the gold medalist in Rio Olympics 2016 marathon running, has been banned due to testing positive for EPO and producing forged documents. The following table consists of the list of some prominent Kenyan athletes banned for doping offense and other related reasons.

NameDisqualification PeriodAchievementsReason (Doping and others)
Diana Chemtai KipyokeiSince 11.10.21 – Till 26.06.2028Winner of the women’s race at the Istanbul MarathonTriamcinolone Acetonide, Tampering
Joyce ChepkiruiFrom 06.04.16 to 04.08.17 – Till 27.06.2023Half marathon winner of Granollers, Bogotá and Gothenburg races, Prague Half Marathon.2014 winner, Commonwealth Games and African Championships 2014 champion in women’s 10000mAthlete Biological Passport
Wilson Kipsang KiprotichSince 12.04.19 – Till 09.01.2024Five World Marathon Majors title, London Olympics 2012 bronze medalist in marathonThree Whereabouts Failures within 12 months and Tampering
Marius KipseremSince 17.08.22 – Till 21.09.2025Rotterdam Marathon winner in 2019 & 2016, Abu Dhabi Marathon 2018 championErythropoietin (EPO)
Abraham KiptumSince 13.10.18 – Till 25.04.2023Former half marathon world record holder, Winner of Daegu Marathon 2018, Madrid Half Marathon 2016Athlete Biological Passport
Mathew KisorioSince 01.01.22 – Till 07.03.2026Winner of Philadelphia Half Marathon, Kagawa Marugame Half MarathonThree Whereabouts Failures within 12 months
Paul LonyangataSince 24.09.21 – Till 25.05.2023Winner of Shanghai International Marathon 2019 & 2015, Boston Marathon 2016 (5th), Chicago Marathon (4th), Paris Marathon titles in 2018 & 2017Furosemide
Mark Otieno OdhiamboSince 24.06.21 – Till 30.07.2023Represented Kenya in the men’s 100m at World Athletics Championships 2017Methasterone
Purity Cherotich RionoripoSince 30.05.22 – Till 20.11.2027Copenhagen Half Marathon title in 2015, Paris Marathon 2017 titleFurosemide, Tampering
Georgina RonoSince 27.05.22 – Till 25.01.2027Third place at the Boston Marathon 2012, Hamburg Marathon 2014 winnerEvasion, Refusal and or Failure to Submit
Jemima Jelagat SumgongSince 28.02.17 – Till 16.01.2027Rio Olympics 2016 gold medalist, Winner at the London, Rotterdam and Las Vegas Marathons, Second place at Boston, Chicago and New York City MarathonsEPO; Tampering (production of forged medical document in the context of her disciplinary proceedings)
Daniel WanjiruSince 09.03.19 – Till 08.12.2023London Marathon 2017 winner, two-time Prague Half Marathon winnerAthlete Biological Passport Case

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