Athletics Stats: Who are the best sprinters in the world at present?

Sprint racing involves covering a short distance as swiftly as possible within a limited time frame. In athletics, especially track and field events, sprints are short-distance races. These short-distance competitions include the 100 meters, 200 meters, and 400 meters at the Summer Olympics and outdoor World Athletics Championships and 60 meters at the World Athletics Indoor Championships.

Sprinters at the professional level commence their races from a bending  position on starting blocks, before propelling themselves forward. As they gather speed, they gradually straighten up. The initial position varies based on the specific start. Utilizing starting blocks helps the sprinter to create a powerful isometric preload, which intensifies the muscle pre-tension. This heightened tension amplifies the initial drive forward. 

During sprint races, athletes adhere to their designated lane on the track, with the only exception being the 400 meters indoor race. Races up to 100 meters are primarily centered around accelerating to the athlete’s top speed. However, all races exceeding this distance also incorporate an endurance aspect. When someone says who is the greatest sprinter of all time, the first name which comes to everyone’s mind is none other than Usain Bolt. With eight gold medals at the Olympics and eleven gold medals at the World Championships, he is regarded as the greatest sprinter in the globe.

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Who are the best sprinters in the world at present?

However, considering that Bolt has now retired, there is a lot of debate regarding who is the best sprinter in the world right now. Keeping in mind the sprinters’ performances at different sporting events (Olympics, World Championships, and other major events), not one but there are a lot of athletes who can be included under this list. They are Noah Lyles, Christian Coleman, Trayvon Bromell, Fred Kerley, Ferdinand Omanyala, Marcell Jacobs, Marvin Bracy, and Yohan Blake

Athlete NameCountryPersonal Best (100m/200m)Major Achievements
Noah LylesUnited States of America100m: 9.86s, 200m: 19.31sWorld Championships 2019: Gold in 200m
Christian ColemanUnited States of America100m: 9.76s, 200m: 19.85sWorld Championships 2019: Gold in 100m
Trayvon BromellUnited States of America100m: 9.76s, 200m: 20.03sWorld Indoor Championships 2016: Gold in 60m
Fred KerleyUnited States of America100m: 9.76s, 200m: -19.76sWorld Championships 2019: Silver in 400m, Olympics 2020: Silver in 100m
Ferdinand OmanyalaKenya100m: 9.77s, 200m: – 20.33sCommonwealth Games 2022: Gold in 100m
Marcell JacobsItaly100m: 9.80s, 200m: – 20.61sOlympics 2020: Gold in 100m
Marvin BracyUnited States of America100m: 9.85s, 200m: –World Indoor Championships 2014: Silver in 60m
Yohan BlakeJamaica100m: 9.69s, 200m: 19.26sOlympics 2012: Silver in 100m and 200m, World Championships 2011: Gold in 100m

(Note- It is important to note that only the performances from major events like the Olympics, World Athletics Championships, World Athletics Indoor Championships, and Commonwealth Games have been considered. The list is not meant to undermine any athlete or their achievements.)

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