Athletics Stats: What are the best women’s 1500m timings in the world?

The 1500m race stands as one of the most renowned middle-distance track events in athletics, often dubbed the “metric mile.” It demands a potent combination of speed, endurance, and strength, serving as a comprehensive test of athletes’ capabilities across these key areas. This event also requires strategic prowess as competitors must aptly gauge pace and timing to ensure a favorable outcome. This event is a common feature in numerous major track and field competitions, such as the Olympic Games, the World Athletics Championships, and several continental tournaments. The race takes place on a 400m outdoor track where athletes are required to complete just under four laps to reach the 1500m mark.

The initial stage of a 1500m race is typically characterized by a tactical approach, with athletes striving to maintain position while preserving energy. As the race advances, the intensity elevates and results in a highly competitive final 300m to 400m sprint. In this critical phase, athletes often deploy a sudden burst of speed, or ‘kick,’ to gain a competitive edge or consolidate their standing. The 1500m race has been included at the Olympic Games since its revival in 1896 for men, with the women’s 1500m introduced in 1972. 

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World Records in the 1500m event

Hicham El Guerrouj of Morocco is the present world record holder in the men’s 1500m event, with a record-breaking timing of 3:26.00. He not only owns the world record in the 1500m, but also holds the best timing world records in the mile, and 2000 meters events. Additionally, he holds the distinction of being the only male athlete since Paavo Nurmi to clinch a gold medal in both the 1500m and 5000m events during a single edition of the Olympic Games. Owing to his accomplishments, El Guerrouj is universally acknowledged as the most successful middle-distance runner in the history of the event.

On the other hand, the women’s 1500m event’s world record is being held by Faith Kipyegon of Kenya at the recently held Diamond League 2023 Florence leg on June 2, 2023. Kipyegon has remarkably reduced the previous record time of 3:50.07, established by Ethiopia’s Genzebe Dibaba in 2015, by nearly a second. This world record achievement fills out her impressive list of accomplishments, which includes two Olympic 1,500m gold medals in Rio Olympics and Tokyo Olympics, World Championship titles from 2017 and 2022, the Commonwealth Games gold medal from 2014, and three Diamond League titles.

What are the best women’s 1500m timings in the world?

With Faith Kipyegon breaking the world record in the women’s 1500 (to be ratified), she now has landed on top of the list of the best women’s 1500m timings in the world. Besides this, she also has two other best timings in top 10. The list also includes the likes of Dibaba who stands second. Meanwhile, four athletes from China have also secured their names in the top 10 list. The Netherlands’ Sifan Hassan, is placed ninth on the list of the best women’s 1500m timings in the world. We will now take a look at the best women’s 1500m timings in the world.

1FirenzeFaith Kipyegon (KEN)3:49.1102.06.2023
2MonacoGenzebe Dibaba (ETH)3:50.0717.07.2015
3MonacoFaith Kipyegon (KEN)3:50.3710.08.2022
4BeijingQu Yunxia (CHN)3:50.4611.09.1993
5ShanghaiJiang Bo (CHN)3:50.9818.10.1997
6MonacoFaith Kipyegon (KEN)3:51.0709.07.2021
7ShanghaiLang Yinglai (CHN)3:51.3418.10.1997
8BeijingWang Junxia (CHN)3:51.9211.09.1993
9Ad-DawhahSifan Hassan (NED)3:51.9505.10.2019
10ZürichTatyana Kazankina (RUS)3:52.4713.08.1980

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