Athletics Stats: USA Men’s Athletes who have run 100 m under 10 seconds

The sport of track and field is one of the most enticing ones to watch out for. Fans of athletics are always on the lookout for the best athletes who have clocked under the minimum time. One of the hardest things in this process is to clock under the 10 seconds threshold in the 100 m sprints. The 10-second barrier is the physical and psychological barrier to completing the 100 metres sprint in under ten seconds. The achievement is traditionally regarded as the hallmark of a world-class sprinter. Its significance has become less important since the late 1990s, as an increasing number of runners have surpassed the ten seconds mark. Everyone remembers the “fastest man” on planet Earth, Usain Bolt when he clocked at 9.58 seconds in IAAF World Championship. This is the current world record for the same. The 10-second barrier has historically been a barometer of fast men’s performances, while the best female sprinters take eleven seconds or less to complete the race.

The 100 m sprint

The 100 metres is a track and field competition. It is the shortest common outdoor running distance. The 100-meter dash is one of the most popular and prestigious events in the sport of athletics. It has been contested since the Summer Olympics of 1896 for men and 1928 for women. The inaugural World Championships for this event were held in 1983. The reigning 100 m Olympic or world champion is often named “the fastest man or woman in the world”. In the past, Fred Kerley, Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce, Marcell Jacobs and Elaine Thompson-Herah have all been bestowed with this title. Currently, it is being held by Usain Bolt.

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Who are the athletes from the USA to clock under 10 seconds? 

Although this deed is a very hard thing to pull off. However, many male athletes have successfully pulled it off. For the females, there is still no sub-10 seconds category. The world record for females is clocked at 10.49 seconds set by American Florence Griffith-Joyner in 1988. Amongst all the athletes who have taken part, a lion’s share of the records is under the banner of the United States. The athletes from the USA who have reached this pinnacle are listed below.

DateNameTime (in seconds)Age
14 October 1968Jim Hines9.9522 years
14 May 1983Carl Lewis9.86 21 years
3 July 1983Calvin Smith9.9322 years
5 May 1984Mel Lattany9.9624 years
16 June 1989Leroy Burrell9.8522 years
25 August 1991Dennis Mitchell9.9125 years
11 September 1991Andre Cason9.9222 years
18 April 1992Michael Marsh9.9324 years
22 July 1994Jon Drummond9.9225 years
12 June 1997Maurice Greene9.7922 years
12 June 1997Kareem Streete-Thompson9.9624 years
12 June 1997Tim Montgomery9.9222 years
9 August 1998Vincent Henderson9.9525 years
5 July 1999Tim Harden9.9225 years
2 June 2000Coby Miller9.9823 years
2 June 2000Bernard Williams9.9422 years
12 April 2002Shawn Crawford9.8824 years
21 April 2002Joshua J. Johnson9.9525 years
4 May 2002Brian Lewis9.9927 years
15 August 2003John Capel9.9524 years
15 August 2003Justin Gatlin9.7421 years
15 August 2003Mickey Grimes9.9926 years
22 July 2005Leonard Scott9.9125 years
25 July 2006Tyson Gay9.6923 years
18 August 2006Marcus Brunson9.9928 years
8 June 2007Walter Dix9.8821 years
28 September 2007Wallace Spearmon9.9622 years
10 May 2008Travis Padgett9.8921 years
28 June 2008Rodney Martin9.9525 years
28 June 2008Mark Jelks9.9924 years
28 June 2008Darvis Patton9.8930 years
28 June 2008Ivory Williams9.9423 years
7 June 2009Mike Rodgers9.8524 years
19 August 2010Trell Kimmons9.9525 years
29 August 2010Ryan Bailey9.8821 years
10 June 2011Mookie Salaam9.9721 years
6 June 2012Harry Adams9.9622 years
23 May 2013Isiah Young9.8923 years
5 June 2013Dentarius Locke9.9623 years
21 June 2013Charles Silmon9.9821 years
13 June 2014Trayvon Bromell9.7618 years
10 May 2015Clayton Vaughn9.9322 years
17 May 2015Bryce Robinson9.9921 years
20 May 2015Marvin Bracy9.8521 years
25 June 2015Diondre Batson9.9422 years
25 June 2015Beejay Lee9.9922 years
25 June 2015Quentin Butler9.9622 years
2 June 2016Ameer Webb9.9425 years
3 July 2016Christian Coleman9.7620 years
15 April 2017Ronnie Baker9.8323 years
7 June 2017Cameron Burrell9.9322 years
7 June 2017Christopher Belcher9.9323 years
13 May 2018Kendal Williams9.9922 years
25 May 2018Jaylen Bacon9.9721 years
9 June 2018Noah Lyles9.8620 years
12 May 2019Cravon Gillespie9.9322 years
20 July 2020Michael Norman9.8622 years
10 April 2021Kyree King9.9726 years
17 April 2021Jo’Vaughn Martin9.9421 years
24 April 2021Fred Kerley9.7625 years
20 June 2021Kenny Bednarek9.8922 years
20 June 2021Micah Williams9.8619 years
16 April 2022Matthew Boling9.9821 years
16 April 2022Davonte Burnett9.9922 years
11 June 2022Cravont Charleston9.9124 years
24 June 2022Elijah Hall9.9027 years

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