Athletics Stats: India’s best finishes in the history of Asian Athletics Championships

The Asian Athletics Championships is an event organized by the Asian Athletics Association. The competition courted controversy with the IAAF when political in-fighting arose after Israel was excluded from participation in 1977. The competition was subsequently disbanded in 1977. In the years after, i.e. the championships between 1979 and 1989, IAAf has regarded them as unofficial. During that point in time, it was called the “Asian Track and Field Meeting” as a result. This situation was resolved when Israel began competing in European Athletic Association events in 1990.

The most dominant performance in this tournament has come from China. It has won the event 17 times out of the possible 23 times. India over the years has been able to do good in these tournaments despite the Chinese domination. It came in the first position during the 2017 edition of the tournament. The tournament has been conducted regularly with a gap of 2 years.

India’s Top 5 Best Finishes

1. 2017 Edition, Hosts-India

Out of all the championship editions that have been held this was the best shot that India had at the championship. India being the host nation became the third nation after Japan and China to win the competition on home soil. The 2017 Asian Athletics Championships was the 22nd edition of the Asian Athletics Championships. It was held from 6 to 9 July 2017 at the Kalinga Stadium in Bhubaneswar, India. Bhubaneswar was the third Indian city to host the Asian Championships. Around 560 athletes from 41 countries attended the event. India had around 29 medals from this edition of the tournament.

2. 1985 Edition, Hosts- Indonesia

This is the second-best campaign of India on the list. India won around 22 medals in this campaign. It was the sixth Asian Championships in Athletics. The event was held in September 1985 at the Senayan Madya Stadium in Jakarta, Indonesia. Overall China dominated the event with 41 medals under its belt. These were the earliest days when the Chinese domination in the Championship started.

3. 1989 Edition, Hosts- India

The 1989 Asian Athletics Championships was the eighth edition of the international outdoor athletics competition between Asian nations, organised by the Asian Athletics Association. The six-day competition was held from 14–19 November at the Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium in New Delhi, India. It featured 40 events, 22 for men and 18 for women, with the steeplechase, pole vault, triple jump and hammer throw competitions being for men only. China comfortably topped the medal table, winning over half the events with 21 golds among a total of 42. The host nation, India, was clear runner-up with eight golds and 22 medals, while Japan (14 medals) was the only other nation to breach double figures. 

4. 2000 Edition, Hosts- Indonesia

The 13th edition of the championship is the next one to feature on the list. Overall, India finished 2nd in the event behind China. The gap between the overall medal tallies of both nations was not that huge. India showed a lot of determination and grit throughout the Championship to challenge the Chinese hegemony throughout the tournament.

5. 1975 Edition, Hosts- South Korea

This was the second edition of the Asian Championships. India had a relatively decent performance in this edition of the tournament. It bagged around 19 medals overall. However, the star of the show was Japan. It won more than half of the medals (around 53 medals). In this process, Japan was able to defend its title as well. Although, India got only 19 medals, yet it had the bragging rights of coming second in this championship.

What are the best finishes for India in Asian Athletics Championships?

Edition (Host)GoldSilverBronzeOverall Finish
2017 (India)106131st
1985 (Indonesia)10572nd
1989 (India)8952nd
2000 (Indonesia)61052nd
1975 (South Korea)9552nd
1981 (Japan)5593rd
2013 (India)2696th
2019 (Qatar)2775th
2007 (Jordan)5552nd
1973 (Phillippines)4562nd
2015 (China)4543rd
1983 (Kuwait)3555th
1979 (Japan)2384th
2005 (South Korea)4534th
2009 (China)1476th
1998 (Japan)1386th
2002 (Sri Lanka)5410th
1991 (Malaysia)2425th
1993 (Philippines)2245th
1987 (Singapore)3315th
1995 (Indonesia)1148th
2003 (Phillippines)03314th

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