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Athletics: Greatest Women High Jumpers of All time

The high jump is an athletics event in which the athlete executes a running jump to attain height. High jumpers launch themselves (unaided) from one foot over a four-meter horizontal bar in one of two field events often known as vertical jumps. They aim to clear the bar at the maximum height possible without touching the ground. The crash mat is where athletes land. Each height allows participants three tries, but they can choose to “pass,” moving on to a higher height even if they haven’t cleared the previous one. Elimination occurs after three consecutive failures at the same height or a combination of heights.

Early 19th-century high jump competitions were very popular in Scotland, and in 1896 the men’s high jump competition was added to the first modern Olympics. In 1928, women first competed in the high jump event. The high jump has likely seen the most drastic modifications in technique among the field events. The world’s elite has historically used the Eastern Cut-off, Western Roll, and Straddle techniques. However, all of the best high jumpers now almost exclusively do the Fosbury Flop, which includes landing with the jumper’s back to the bar. This was made popular by the 1968 Olympic champion Dick Fosbury.

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Stats: Greatest Women High Jumpers of All time

In 1928, the first Olympic women’s high jump champion was awarded in Amsterdam. Ethel Catherwood, an American-born Canadian, won gold by upsetting world record-holder Carolina Gisolf of the Netherlands with 1.59m. From 1936 and 1960, Britain enjoyed a fantastic run in the women’s high jump, winning five consecutive silver medals. Stefka Kostadinova of Bulgaria established the world record for women in 1987 at 2.09 meters, while Yelena Slesarenko set the Olympic record in 2004 at 2.06 meters.

Let’s take a look at the best women’s high jumpers. The likes of Stefka Kostadinova, Blanka Vlašić, Mariya Lasitskene, Yelena Slesarenko, and Iolanda Balaș. Stefka Kostadinova is the current world record holder in the event, while Balaș is one of the athletes to have graced the sport of Athletics. The list includes athletes in terms of their wins at major competitions like the Olympic Games, World Championships, and World Indoor Championships. The list has been arranged in the order of the athletes’ personal bests.

AthleteCountryPersonal Best (Outdoors)Personal Best (Indoors)Major Wins
Stefka KostadinovaBulgaria2.09 m2.06 mOlympic Games – Gold in 1996, Silver in 1988; World Championships Gold in 1987 and 1995
Blanka VlašićCroatia2.08 m2.06 mOlympic Games – Silver in 2008, Bronze in 2016, World Championships – Gold in 2007 and 2009 and silver in 2011 and 2015
Mariya LasitskeneRussia2.06 m2.05 mOlympic Games – Gold in Tokyo 2020; World Championships – Gold in 2015, 2017 and 2019
Yelena SlesarenkoRussia2.06 m2.04 mOlympic Games – Gold in 2004; World Indoor Championships – Gold in 2004 and 2006
Iolanda BalașRomania1.91 m1.91 mOlympic Games – Gold in 1960 and 1964 

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