Athletes who are record-holders in the six World Marathon Majors

The World Marathon Majors (WMM) is a collection of six of the world’s largest and most prestigious marathons. The marathons are staged in Tokyo, Boston, London, Berlin, Chicago, and New York City on an annual basis. These six events draw professional athletes and amateur competitors from all over the world, making up a series of the most tough marathons in the world. 

The World Marathon Majors concept was created in 2006 to promote and grow marathon running on a global scale. The series gives runners points depending on their performance in the six races, with the top male and female finishers winning prize money at the end of each year. The marathons includes a wheelchair competition too, with points given to male and female competitors.

The World Marathon Majors promotes humanitarian causes through its global charity program in addition to the points system and prize money. Each marathons have a designated official charity partner, and participants have the option to participate in the race while raising money and awareness for these organizations. The World Marathon Majors has grown into important events in the running world, drawing the top athletes and fans across the world.

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The World Marathon Majors

Tokyo Marathon – The Tokyo Marathon is an annual marathon sporting event held in Tokyo, Japan.  This event typically occurs on the first Sunday in March and is the first major of the year. The inaugural Tokyo Marathon took place on February 18, 2007. Having attained major status in 2012, this is the youngest of the World Marathon Majors.

Boston Marathon – The Boston Marathon is an annual marathon race held in the greater Boston area of eastern Massachusetts, United States. It usually takes place on Patriots’ Day.  The success of the inaugural marathon competition at the 1896 Summer Olympics served as inspiration for the 1897 start of the sport. The marathon is also the oldest recurring marathon in the world.

London Marathon – The London Marathon, which takes place every year in London, United Kingdom, is the country’s second-largest annual road race, behind Newcastle’s Great North Run. It was started in 1981 by athletes Chris Brasher and John Disley, and it typically occurs in April. The marathon world record has been beaten on seven occasions at the London Marathon.

Berlin Marathon – Every year during the final weekend in September, Berlin, Germany, hosts the Berlin Marathon. In 1974, Horst Milde, a local baker, originally organized the race. At the Berlin Marathon, a total of 12 world records have been established.

Chicago Marathon – The Chicago Marathon is an annual marathon run in October in Chicago, Illinois. In terms of overall finishers, the Chicago Marathon comes in at number four. It has become one of the world’s fastest-growing modern-marathon road races, owing to its mostly fast and flat course, which promotes the goal of personal and world records.

New York City Marathon – The New York City Marathon is the world’s largest marathon, running through all five boroughs of New York City. Last year, there were approximately 50,000 competitors, while the 2019 edition saw 53,627 finishers. The race has been held annually since 1970 and is organized by New York Road Runners. The event usually takes place on the first Sunday in November.

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Marathon runners who are the record-holders in the six World Marathon Majors

Numerous world records have been broken at the World Marathon Majors over the years, including the men’s record of 2:01:09 now held by greatest marathoner Eliud Kipchoge in the Berlin Marathon in 2022, and the women’s record of 2:14:04 held by Brigid Kosgei at the 2019 Chicago Marathon. Let’s take a look at the marathon runners who are the record-holders of the six World Marathon Majors.

EventMen (Country)TimingWomen (Country)Timing
Tokyo MarathonEliud Kipchoge (Kenya)2:02:40Brigid Kosgei (Kenya)2:16:02
Boston MarathonGeoffrey Mutai (Kenya)2:03:02Bezunesh Deba (Ethiopia)2:19:59
London MarathonEliud Kipchoge (Kenya)2:02:37Paula Radcliffe (Great Britain)2:15:25
Berlin MarathonEliud Kipchoge (Kenya)2:01:09Tigist Assefa (Ethiopia)2:15:37
Chicago MarathonDennis Kimetto (Kenya)2:03:45Brigid Kosgei (Kenya)2:14:04
New York City MarathonGeoffrey Mutai (Kenya)2:05:06Margaret Okayo (Kenya)2:22:31